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One Day Left for CES Asia 2016

May 12, 2016 | 17:08 Thu
CES Asia returned for their second year to Shanghai, opening on May 11 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). Year on year, this edition attracted a larger audience and hosted a wider range of tech on display. Of course, in terms of scale and the quality of tech companies, CES Asia is by no means on a par with its U.S. counterpart, CES in Las Vegas, but there's still plenty of stuff to see and experience, and plenty of people to exchange your business cards with.

...As long as you don't mind your "personal bubble" getting invaded. Very frequently.

CES Asia closes tomorrow, May 13, at 3pm. Get on that if you want to go. Entry is 100rmb and involves a bit of registration rigamarole. Details after the jump at the bottom.


The floor of CES Asia Day 1. At least 40 percent of these people are actually here for the ice cream and bakery convention that is occuring at the same location. A very happy confluence of industries indeed.

Intel's Dr.Manhattan-esque statues. They represent "Sports", "Games", and "Creativity".

If you are even a little bit tech-savvy, you're probably already familiar with what CES mainly is about: wearables, drones, smart home gadgets, VR/AR/MR, putting screens on everything, and putting chips in everything else. This year, Huawei and Intel overshadowed other hardware companies, showing off their latest collaborative projects. Both Huawei's new Leica-branded handset P9 and Intel's motion-sensing BMX bikes were making a bit of a splash.

This is what they call "synergy", folks.

Meanwhile, in the adjacent halls, car companies, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, and BMW were pretty much stealing the show with their futuristic and jaw-dropping concept cars. Mercedes-Benz's "Concept Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile" (what?) -- lately, a very forward-able Wechat Moment -- was already making a pretty bold statement touring around the streets in Xuhui last week, appearing to onlookers like a vision of the not-too-distant future.

So, the deal with the "Concept Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile" is that the car itself changes from "Design Mode" to "Aerodynamic Mode" when the car hits 80km/h. It's a Transformer!

These pictures are from the official site. It goes from this -- Design Mode.

To this -- Aerodynamic Mode. When the car hits 80km/h.

(Or you can just do it with a button, but still.)

Here it is at CES Asia.

Not to be outdone, the somewhat monstrous Chevrolet-FNR is an "autonomous electric vehicle" that made it's Asian debut at CES in Shanghai. Looks like something out of an alien movie. Alien, specifically. It's like an HR Giger ride. Can't get over how how cool this looks.

BMW didn't offer a lot of flash, but they've got a big booth on the showroom floor, as well as a test drive area outside the venue itself. They've got dozens of BMW i8 awaiting drivers to take them for a ride. This is also the car's first appearance in Asia.

Okay, so you want to go? Tomorrow is the last day. Counter to what their website is suggesting, CES Asia is actually open to public throughout three days. With 100rmb and a valid ID you can register on the site and print out your confirmation ticket. You still need to go through the scanning process which is a bit of a hassle, but they have volunteers on-hand to help you out.

Bonus: there's an international bakery and ice cream convention happening at the same place (!), so if you still have some energy left, you might wanna wander around and grab some free food. (The best tasting food.)


CES Asia ends May 13. They're open from 9am to 3pm.


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