Shelter Anniversary Tonight, Featuring 24 million DJs

By Nick Taylor, Nov 29th, 2012 | In Nightlife

There's a free party Thursday night at The Shelter, hastily arranged to celebrate the club's fifth anniversary, and it's invited special guest "every fucking DJ in Shanghai" to come down and play.

Already signed up are... Siesta, Downstate, Drunk Monk, Shanghai Ultra, Faded Ghost, TzuSing, Sacco, Zammo, Doggy, Conrank, Heatwolves, R3, V-Nutz, Cavia, Ben Huang and Yen. Each will play about 10 minutes and then the next DJ will fight them with a selection of weapons for control of the decks.

So... if anyone was contemplating eliminating every jock cock in one fell swoop, every grungy dive DJ in Shanghai, maybe now's the time. With all of them there in one place, they'd be easy to take out. It's like the end of Inglourious Basterds, except with low-paid DJs not high-ranking Nazis. Just a thought.

Anyway, Shelter birthday. Everyone's invited. Free to get in. No word of jelly or ice cream. Starts at 10pm. More DJs are likely to worm out of the woodwork and want a go, too.

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chachachow, Nov 29th, 2012

Hahaha, nice allusion to Inglorious Bastards, Nick.
...but bombs in a bomb shelter? I think not.

Janadian Maple Syrup, Dec 4th, 2012

was it Thursday, Nov. 29 or Dec.6?

Zammo, Dec 4th, 2012

@Janadian Maple Syrup: last thursday, Nov 29.

handoogies, Dec 4th, 2012

When I read that 24 million DJs in one place my first reaction was how apt a small nuclear bomb would be.

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