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JUJU: Dude Behind The Nest Doing Unlimited Korean BBQ on the Bund

By Sep 5, 2019 Activities
Mark Klingspon is (one of) the guy(s) behind The Nest. Now he's about to mess things up a little farther down on the Bund, with an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant, where unlimited meat is 288rmb. Beer and highball on tap. Soju in the fridge (help yourself, payment on the honor system). Old school hip-hop and arcade games. But the craziest part of this is where.

Three on the Bund. The former Chi-Q space. You know, the one designed by this city's architecture demi-gods, Neri & Hu. It looks *expensive*. It *was* expensive. But, yeah, balls to all that, because Klingspon is inviting in Korean graffiti artists to paint all over those expensive tiles.

"Shanghai DOESN'T need another cocktail lounge or fine dining or overly stylized place," he told me. "So I’m taking the existing decor... and I’m gonna fuck it up. I’m calling it a ‘crackhouse approach to design’".

"I lived in Seoul for several years. I’m a lover of Korean food and the culture / style of eating and drinking." And so that's what Shanghai is going to get. A late-night (open every day but until 3am Thu-Sat) Korean BBQ crackhouse at cut-rate prices for the Bund, plus live octopus, tteokbokki, Korean fried chicken and an odeng bar. Smells good already.

The place will be called JUJU. "It’s NOT ‘The Nest does Korean’". Named after the JUJU TENT BAR named after the Seoul street food "BBQ and Gambei" party places. Opens in October.



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