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[A Bunch of F&BS]: Fatburger Is Opening, Praise the Lord

Oct 14, 2016 | 17:51 Fri
A Bunch of F&Bs: The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.
The F&BS is pilling ceiling-high as we enter the busy season in Shanghai — Halloween partying right around the door, and then it’s (American) turkey time. And then it’s X-Mas (Wolverine’s birthday), and New Years Eve. Bring it on. Let’s speed through this. Let’s get 2016 over with already, my god.


New and Returning: Bagels, Burgers, and… a High-End Hotel Restaurant

-“The last great hamburger stand” Fatburger is finally — FINALLY — opening their Shanghai store. As of… tomorrow says our man on the ground. We told you about them a while back, and it seems like it’s been a long road for the Cali chain to actually pull the chord on their planned three Shanghai venues, despite being open in Beijing for nigh a million years now. Bah. Anyways. If you like ‘50s burger diner throwback “boutique fast food” (I suppose) that isn’t even trying to fool you like it won’t make your heart explode out of your chest, you’re going to want to check that out. The Sinan Mansions is where you are heading. Right behind Boxing Cat.

-Huge news in the genre “Edible Food Around the SmSh Office”, Spread The Bagel is back open on Nanchang Lu. They’re hosting 15% off all sandy’s for the first two days. Solid. Bagel deals put smiles on the faces of children everywhere.

-From the makers of bougey Shanghai success stories Le Baron and Scarpetta comes Highline, a new venue located in The Ascott north of Xintiandi. OOoOooOO, The Ascott!!! Reportedly, they’re going to be doing Sloppy Joe’s, Oreo milkshakes, and poutine. Maybe s’mores. Maybe ghost toast. With a whippets bar. Probably none of those things. Definitely, I just made all that up.

Dude, how cool would your restaurant be if you had a whippets bar. Hey, “Highline”. Get a whippets bar already. You friggin snobs! They're opening this weekend. We'll get the dets next week.

-The new JZ Club. Opening cocktails tonight (B.I.O.) in like 10 minutes in Da Tong Mill. More on that next week.

Casualty Report: Burn a Post for the Era that Was and Is The Shelter

-Big news released over the holidays is that The Shelter is indeed a dead man walking. They’re scheduled to be closing up permanently on January 1. A bit more info on that last NYE party: The club is welcoming back the club-defining DJs who have played the venue over the years for a massive multi-artist line-up — possibly around 20, probably more, playing around 20 minutes each — for a jammed New Year’s Eve party of music on the last night ever. Evidently, people are already booking flights for this thing. If you want our advice, start lining up now. That shit is going to be fuckin’ insane.

-First, Glamour Bar and now The Chalet is closed as well. It’s like one by one, God is stealing all of Ned Kelly’s memories.

-El Luchador -- adios to El Luchador on Yongkang Lu. They manage to squeak past the initial cull on YKL but ended up closing all the same last Sunday. They’re moving to a location in the DaTong Mill, which sounds like it’s got some pretty good odds going for it this time around.

Renovations: Camel’s Getting New Lovely Lady Humps (Ehhh… Doesn’t Quite Work)

-The Camel! Oh no, The Camel is closing down for 6 to 8 weeks to undergo a full renovation! Seriously, someone go call Ned Kelly to make sure he’s okay. He’s probably out there on the streets of Shanghai, in a daze, walking into walls and things.

New Menus: High Society Hawaiian and Creative Tacos

-Barack Obama’s man in Hawaii Alan Wong has up'ed the offerings at his namesake resto. From my mole who went to try it out: “Their lunch menu with options of lobster and mushroom lasagna, a Wagyu kimchi cheeseburger, Shanghai style scallion oil noodles, and more. On November 1, they're launching a new dinner menu that includes pan seared foie gras, Japanese snapper ceviche, and East China hamachi poke.” Solid.

-Meanwhile, satisfying a different but no less hankering need, Jalapeno is making new efforts in the taco arts under new owner Ken Walker and Shanghai mainstay chef, Gavin McAleer. McAleer has put together an impressive (and super filling) array of custom taco creations, utilizing everything from fried avocado to kimchi to fried egg. If you're into new school, pyrotechnic tacos, these are some to seek out. Nice price points too. Thumbs up.

A Random Thing: Shanghai Wine & Spirits Museum Doing Free Wine Tastings Until the End of November

How's that for random. The newly opened (ish) Shanghai Wine & Spirits Museum is offering free wine tastings for guests. Damn, look at this place...

It actually looks pretty legit because they have a very competent website and Facebook page. The curator for the museum just received a knighthood. There's also this. Here's the CEO and the Museum's curator Leo Li, along with "other dignitaries".

Great or greatest picture? We're going to check that out next week. Please, oh please, let it be you-know-who who does the wine tastings...

Eat the Weekend: Zhujiazhao BBQ House Does a Le Baron Pop-Up

Weeekend dining events right here. Shout out to Motorsmoker because it sounds like Motorhead. They're doing "next-level brisket, burgers, beers, hip hop, chill Sunday vibes". Details here.


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