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First Sip: Dr. White's Obscure Hipster Bookstore

Lots of film books and some well-dressed kids peacocking their refined tastes in literature or whatever.
By Nov 26, 2015 Activities
There's a new retail project called Mix Space on the sleepy corner of Hengshan Lu and Tianping Lu, a block away from the intense center of Xujiahui and next to Patsy Grimaldi's (hey hey, they're still open). The noteworthy part of all this is the bookstore, which is filled with hard-to-find magazines, books (heavily film-related), Star Wars figurines, and a coffee shop. They call it Dr. White, because according to their PR babble, "white means the utopia of culture." Right on...

The first floor of this "Dr. White" has a coffee shop and a few tables. A cup of Yunnan coffee goes for 58rmb, with other varieties from 30–100rmb. Tea is 58rmb. So, not cheap, but that's the de facto cover charge for loitering around and picking through a rare-in-these-parts selection of English language books and magazines. They don't force you to buy a drink anyway.

One section is dedicated to thrillers and mysteries, mostly garden variety Stephen King, Agatha Christie, and some Chinese versions of Sherlock Holmes. But the stuff you wouldn't find anywhere else is the sizable collection of fashion and photography books, by authors like Don McCullin, Sebastião Salgado, and William Eggleston.

The second floor has an art showcase space, more fashion books, backpacks, stationary, and other expensive items for sale. The third floor has some more seating and English magazines for sale. Wired, The London Review, Time, The New Yorker, The Happy Reader, Esquire, and many more go for about double the price you'd find them at your local DVD shop / expat compound convenience store. Mainstream English magazines range from around 60-100rmb and the more obscure ones go for over 200rmb. The place was busy with well-dressed hipsters on our visit, and seems like a place where one might come to peacock their refined tastes in literature or whatever. They must have some kinda subliminal promotion deal with LucasWorks cause they were bumping Star Wars music the whole time.

If you're in the area for some shopping, it's worth stopping in and checking out. Maybe take a bookish date or someone you're trying to impress. They're open from 10am-10pm daily.



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