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Planet Kebab Deal: 12 Hours Of Free Flow

Jul 3, 2015 | 16:10 Fri
Planet Kebab had to move its deal Summer Time Madness last weekend on account of all that rain. Now they've got a good alternative to all those 'Murca parties happening on Saturday. For 150rmb, there's one kebab, fries, plus all you can drink beer and cocktails from 1-6pm at the Yongkang Lu location AND 6pm-midnight at the Dagu Lu branch. People who pay at the first party get a bracelet to carry on their drinking without paying again at the second.

The two founders of Planet Kebab, long time friends from France, just wanted to create a chill place for people to enjoy themselves and eat some chicken kebab with nice sauces. At their first free flow deal at the Dagu Lu grand opening party earlier this year, over 200 people came by, including the po po to shut it down. They've continued this tradition since, going for house party vibes -- a casual place for their friends to puff on good shisha (Dagu Lu location only). This is the first time they're offering the free flow deal at both locations. So, 150rmb, regardless of what time or branch you start.


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