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The Return of Alpine Decline and More

Mar 14, 2017 | 10:49 Tue
Tons of kids were out last week for live shows around Shanghai. Reports from the ground tell of Australia's Temper Trap filling out the QSW on a Monday. No easy feat there. I was lucky enough to catch the Chinese Football EP release show at Yuyintang on Saturday. There was a line around the block for that one and Chinese Football was jumping. Also from that Saturday show, local band Foster Parents were in top form. Check out this preview of their impending new record release titled "Grim" here. That will be out March 31. Nothing to shake a stick at for this week's live gig landscape. Let's see what's on the horizon.


MAMAHUHU - Live @ Feige Vintage Fair

Tuesday, March 14, is White Day! Alright now, calm down Trump supporters. For those not in the know, White Day was started by the Japanese candy industry in the late 1970's as a supplemental Valentine's Day. The tradition goes on February 14th Women are supposed to buy chocolate for men. On March 14 men are supposed to buy gifts that are at least 3x the cost of said chocolates. The tradition has spread across Asia and Yuyintang is hosting their own romantic themed White Day concert. Tuesday's gig has four Shanghai acts including our favorite indie folk group Run Away Snail. Then you have the pop duo MAMAHUHU keeping thigs sweet. Finally, solo acts Sun Da Si, aka Little Licence, and Guy Yue will also be stopping by. Since the traditional candy for White Day is marshmallows I suggest bringing a bag to throw at the bands. This love fest starts at 8.30pm and is 100rmb for one person or 120rmb if you arrive as a couple.

Alpine Decline - Pre - Columbian Artifact

Arriving on Friday is a special treat in the form of Maybe Mars Records band Alpine Decline, who are returning to China after recently moving to Los Angeles. The mom-and-pop psychedelic shack toured America with Carsick Cars and Chui Wan over the winter. They are back in China recording a new album with PK 14 frontman Yang Hai Song, who played bass on their last album "Life is a Gasp". Supporting acts include local acts Dream Can and Mirrors (Da Bai and Daniel Nagels). Expect heavy fuzzed out rock sets with a decent sized crowd. This is a hot one with 90rmb at the door which includes a free drink. Kicks off at 9pm.

Reflector - "Melting"

Also on Friday, proving you're never too old to pogo, Reflector returns to Shanghai on their 20th-anniversary tour. With influences from such esteemed bands as NOFX and Lagwagon under their belt, for the past two decades Reflector have spread their message of discord and angst across the world. The Beijing boys were also one of the first Chinese punk bands to tour the USA back in 2001. They even opened up for Anti-Flag. Friday's show is an early one with an 8.30pm start and 150rmb at the door.

Black Invocation - "Purification"

Inferno is bringing the darkness this Saturday night with a themed concert titled The Eastern Black Cult. Coming from the depths of Hades are China's own black metal lords Black Invocation. Not to be confused with the Brazilian band of the same name and with similar style. Bring ear plugs to this one as China's Black Invocation doesn't scrimp on the ear-piercing high pitched vocals on top of loud thrash metal instrumentals. Sharing the bill are the Chinese death metal outfit Crusado Orchestra who are no slouch in the evil department. These guys are in the union. Check out this lyric "I stand for the highness in the goat I pray for the war cry from my soul visionary fever is dancing around melting my eyeballs". No love lost on this show which costs 80rmb at the door and starts at 9pm.

Tongue - Tour Preview

Save room for a little Sunday rock n roll with incoming band Tongue. Straight out of Xinjiang for over 20 years Tongue have been laying down their brand of alt rock to the masses. Touring around China on a Modern Sky provided bus these guys are in the middle of 20+ city tour throughout March. Now based in Beijing the band has had their ups and down over the past couple decades but since 2013 have been going strong again releasing new material and touring regularly. This latest tour is in support of the album Machine Saves All Mankind. Check out Tongue in person on Sunday for 100RMB at the door with a kick-off time of 8:30 pm.

Can't stop these licks Shanghai.


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