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This Weekend in Shopping: Three New Fair / Markets

By Jun 11, 2015 Activities
Don't get overrun by markets yet. There are three new ones, all on Saturday, if you're tired of the one at Jiashan (which is still not a bad way to spend an afternoon).

Must Grill is a Jing'An wine bar that does casual gourmet, like a foie gras-truffle oil burger with quiet outdoor seating. But their main jaunx is French wine. They're throwing thiswine fair with a good deal on tastings. You can pick from 30 wines, and 100rmb gets you 10 tasting tickets. Bottles are up to 50% off -- plus if you buy six bottles, you get your 100rmb back. That's from 3-7pm.

Creative Collective never stops with their markets, but this one seems pretty useful for all you "creatives". The Hidden Stash flea market is a way to unload old photography, art, design, and crafty equipment and supplies. To sell your usable paintbrushes or lenses, message WeChat ID: sandychuchu. Or look around for free and buy lightly used equipment for cheap. That's at the Creative Collective boutique, across the street from Piro and Fortune Cookie on Changshu Lu, from 9am-6pm.

And in case you needed to know about another small Italian restaurant, there's Bonne down a lane behind Plaza 66. They're hosting a Custom Designer's Market. It's a bit more select than most of the usual markets, with just a few, high-quality designers of clothes and accessories (mostly women's), who specialize in custom products. Silk scarves, ladies jackets, jewelry and even some artsy, custom flower arrangements. They've also got an Italian mixologist and a DJ. Summer cocktails are going for 50rmb, and the market is free, open from 1-6pm.

So, some nice ways to unload some cash this weekend. Eat, drink and spend on.



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