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The Warcraft Exhibit at Joy City Is a Warcraft Exhibit, I Suppose

Apr 21, 2016 | 13:35 Thu
Video Game Developer Blizzard's big movie Warcraft hasn't gotten a release date in China yet, but there's no doubt it's coming. It has to. It just has to. The Warcraft Exhibition, on the other hand, has already arrived in Shanghai and is currently taking over the third floor (both sides) of the Joy City mall after kicking off in Chengdu. Running daily until May 15, the exhibit features costumes, character figures, replicas, and artifacts from the upcoming movie, along with the main attraction: a VR Warcraft experience.

The Warcraft movie takes place before the events of World of Warcraft, so fans aren't likely to recognize any of the characters unless they really know their lore.

Click on for a peak inside.


Greetings, noble King Llane Wrynn.

To get to the area below and get your nerd pic taken on the throne, you have to spend 199rmb at any shop(s) in the mall per person. You show your receipts totaling over 199rmb and they let you in. If you're a couple (male and female), you can get in with a total spend of 199rmb between the two of you. Warcraft is a game for lovers, I guess. Heteros, that is.

Stormwind Knights.

Elf armor.

Mage robes.

Tickets to the VR attraction are handed out on the hour. Then, you have to wait in line as about 10-12 people are let in each time. You sit in a room and they play a trailer on a TV, then you're given some "VR goggles" which are Xiaomi phones in plastic boxes. Via the "goggles", you ride on a gryphon across a computer-generated city scape. Lasts about five minutes. If you've had any other VR experience, you'll be sorely disappointed. If this is your first VR experience, you'll probably still be disappointed.

What I'm saying is, regardless of your experience with VR, it's intrinsically disappointing on every level.

All in all, there isn't much to see here. This is more the type of thing to go to if the movie is a huge hit and you've fallen in love with the characters and you want to take pictures next to their facsimiles. But as of now, even if you're a big WoW fan, it probably isn't worth your time.

Although if you're in the mall already, you could take a look around, and skip the VR. Joy City does, however, have a bunch of other interesting attractions. Check here for those.


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