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Where To Donate Your Blood

Jun 15, 2015 | 17:09 Mon
Sunday was World Blood Donor Day 2015, a holiday the World Health Organization (WHO) created in 2004. But yeah, people need blood every day, and if you want to donate, the only Shanghai locations authorized to take blood donations by the WHO are the Shanghai Red Cross Blood Centers.

There are more than 20 of these across the districts. We went today to see how sterile the situation is.

Also, it turns out Haibao has a brother named Blood Baby (Xuebao, 血宝) who is the Shanghai representative of World Blood Day...

Most of the donation centers are open from 9am-5pm, and you can drop in any time with your passport to donate. If you want to come later in the afternoon, it's better to call ahead and let them know you're coming. Sometimes their blood pickup is earlier than closing time, but they'll work around your schedule.

The nurses are kind and cheery, and overtly grateful to have your blood. Most of them speak enough English to let you know how the procedure works. The clinic on Chengdu Bei Lu was a little worn, but clean where it matters. Sterile kits and needles get used once then tossed in a medical waste bin. Nurses frequently change their latex gloves.

They have registration forms in Mandarin or English that ask your basic contact info and some questions about your medical and sexual history. Then they take your vitals and do a quick prick to check your blood type, before you lay down in the recliner and get hooked up to a bag. You can choose to give 200ml or 400ml, a little less than the pint you'd donate in the U.S. The nurses give you a lot of water and a little snack afterwards, with nurturing reminders to take it easy for the day.

Blood Baby, cousin of Haibao. Ummmm...pretty sure it's A, B, O...

After you donate, they will screen your blood for Hepatitis B & C, HIV, syphilis, and other conditions. These tests take a week to complete, and you can choose to receive your results through email, phone, and text.

If you want your donation to go to a specific person, you have to do it through their Hongqiao headquarters. Otherwise, you can check here for the full list of donation centers and their contact information.

So if you're feeling charitable, that's a free way to maybe save someone's life and get a free HIV test while you're at it.

And while Blood Baby is definitely related to Haibao, blood tests have ruled out any possibility that either are related to "Angry Pudong Water Drop Guy".


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