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Cindy Sherman and Her Many Faces: On Now at the Fosun Foundation

Nov 14, 2018 | 12:00 Wed
Cindy Sherman is a chameleon. The post-modern feminist photographer shape-shifts through conceptual portraits, changing her look for every piece with the help of props, heavy make-up and even prosthetics, to comment on whatever social trend needs commenting on at the time. For her first solo show in China, which opened last week on the South Bund, she presents both older black and white work and newer, more pointed work looking at social media, new media and the current state of fashion. The visual cues are uncanny; the work is often uncomfortably direct.

Sherman’s work is not overtly political or feminist, but the central theme has always been women, and the many components and challenges to their life, from dealing with the male gaze to the current expectations around the selfie trend and gender roles and stereotypes. Her latest show, running until mid-January 2019 at the Fosun Foundation, follows in those footsteps. As society shifts, Sherman does too. Going? Get your tickets here.


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