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Book Ends: M's Literary Festival Schedule Is Out, and We Have It

Feb 20, 2019 | 11:57 Wed
M Group's annual Shanghai Literary Festival 2019, the lit-est of fests, is on again. Three-ish weeks of talks, performances, events and schmoozing with bookish scholarly/intelligentsia types at M on the Bund (and related venues). Personally, we don't truck with books unless they have pictures in them (good thing graphic novelist Rao Pingru is presenting), but highlights include nanotechnologist Michelle Dickinson, aka "Nanogirl," Hugo Award-winning macroeconomist Hao Jinfang, and published city-snoop Paul French. All in all, it's 37 talks and events running from March 14 to 27. Full schedule after the jump.

Here it is in all its glory.


Right click and open image in a new tab for a larger version

Tickets don't go on sale until February 28, either at the venues themselves or on their website, and the big events sell out very fast.


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