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This Big New Exhibition At K11 Is Worth The Ticket Price

Mar 4, 2016 | 18:58 Fri
One of the best art shows in town is in a mall basement, and it's way better than that Dali retrospective that recently finished there. K11's new one, We: A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists features works by 57 artists, and it's basically a one-stop showcase of who's who in Chinese contemporary art, featuring everyone from Lu Yang and Cheng Ran to Zhang Enli and Zhang Peili. Last night's opening was packed -- read on for some pics of what's down there.

Tons of video works to see, including this one by Lu Yang.

Snakeskin footballs.

One could easily spend a few hours here, especially if you scan the QR codes on each piece to learn about the artists and their concepts. Take the time to do that. They have a guided audio tour as well. Also spend some time watching the videos, especially the one with the men praying to a giant claw in a frozen tundra, shown in a room resembling a mini Arkham.

So the entry fee is 50rmb during the week and 80rmb on the weekends (Sunday afternoons feature lectures and interactive performances). Some will call that steep, especially considering some of these works have appeared in other exhibitions -- and the fact that this is a mall - but it's fair, considering the quality and range of the works and the curation. There's lots of other sights at K11 these days as well, including a small exhibition of vintage Chanel bags and some kind of rare birds showcase on the main floor (not chill). We is on until May 2, so you've got plenty of time.

All pics by Rhiannon Florence


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