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Women Artists, China's Contemporary Scene, and Niao Niao in the Basement

Jul 22, 2016 | 11:13 Fri
Museums, malls, and basements are where it’s at this weekend, with two big group shows opening at West Bund and Red Town respectively; fashion plus history at K11 and Global Harbor; as well as a local theater collective celebrating ten years of boundary pushing, genre busting performance art. Here’s what’s what.

Open from Saturday, July 23, She at Long Museum is a group exhibition featuring 105 women artists, many of whom work internationally, many of whom are at the top of their game.

Tracey Emin at Long Museum

Tellingly, those criteria already give major clues as to who features: inevitably, there’s Tracy Emin, there’s Marina Abramović, the late, great Louise Bourgeois, and of course, Yayoi Kusama. As artists, they’re all exceptional. So too is their status - still! - as powerful women in the blue chip art world. Now, that’s not what this show is about, but what’s particularly interesting is that its content spans ten centuries: because really, who can name even one woman artist who was celebrated in or even after her day, say, 300 years ago? Those early artists featured are mostly anonymous and their subject matter limited, making the trajectory from 'nameless' to 'big name' central to the show. Sounds good.

Calligraphy selections from She at Long Museum

Red Town’s Minsheng Art Museum is also launching a new group show this weekend: called Turning Point: Contemporary Art in China Since 2000 that opens on Saturday, July 23 from 4.30pm. The name’s pretty self-explanatory here: featuring works by 52 artists and collectives, the exhibition focuses on two key shifts in Chinese art these past 16 or so years. First, from easel art - that is, painting - to conceptual art; and second, from form to social significance. Think observation and analysis of the societal issues and trends that have been driving art in China, all coming together for a big picture overview.

Cheng Ran (the guy who made all those black cats at K11) at Minsheng Art Museum's Turning Point

For something more underground, Basement6 has just kicked off three days of performances to celebrate experimental theater collective ZuHe's 10th anniversary. Niao Niao fest continues through Friday and Saturday, with a full roster of performances, actions and screenings pitched by a host of artists. B6C’s pint-sized yet potent bar is stocked, staffed and ready, so do go support. For the full schedule of what’s going on, check the official WeChat ID, Basement6.

Alternatively there’s death and destruction chez that Pompeii exhibition, plus handbags galore at K11 - read about that one right here.


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