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105 Years Young... Happy Birthday Shanghai American School!

Sep 18, 2017 | 15:48 Mon
This is a piece of Shanghai modern history, folks. This past Sunday, Shanghai American School turned 105 years old — by jove, that is a lot of class. Their story in a nutshell: SAS was founded in 1912 as a consular school with just seven students and have had several locations around the city throughout their history, even operating within a Japanese interment camp during the Second World War. It was during that time they "shut down" (not really), and "re-opened" under several different monikers such as Private American School, American Private School, Private Community School, and a few others before eventually taking a hiatus and re-opening in the 1980s as their first namesake, Shanghai American School. They now occupy two campuses on both sides of the river. Happy birthday SAS!


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