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Crackdown on E-bike Riders As New Rules Approach

Mar 25, 2019 | 16:26 Mon
You may have noticed an enhanced police presence at many busy junctions across town during the weekend. Yep, it’s crackdown season. Again. This one was focused on traffic misdemeanors and saw people caught for offenses such as bikes and scooters running red lights, having unregistered/no plates, illegally carrying a passenger, and even jaywalking.

It comes in advance of the new laws being introduced next month which will apply to many e-bike riders in Shanghai. The rules state that as of April 15, all bikes weighing over 55kg and/or capable of speeds of 25km/h or more will be now be classed as motor vehicles and means that riding one will require registered plates, a driver’s license, and insurance.

Those whose bikes already fit the specifications mentioned shouldn’t have any issues as long as you have the right documentation. However, offenders can be given fines of up to 2,000rmb, so if you have a faster or slightly heavier bike make sure you’ve got yourself sorted before the 15th.


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