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Events for Earnest People: Fermentation Workshop, VeganSTEP, Free Beer to Donate Clothes

By Dec 4, 2018 Community
Sometimes I'd like to be a better person. In this fantasy, I'd stop eating tiramisu for dinner and talking shit about my friends behind their backs. I'd give up eating meat, I'd donate things to charity, and I'd learn to do an honest job for an honest wage, like fermenting cabbages into sauerkraut. Of course, none of those things will ever happen for me (I've already bulk-ordered my tiramisu for the years 2019-2022), but they can happen for you. All in one month, in fact, as VeganSTEP launches an awareness campaign, The Rooster offers a free beer in exchange for donating used clothes, and American author Tara Whitsitt teaches you how to ferment stuff using the micro-flora of vegetables. Earnest overload!

First up is the Fermentation Workshop taking place at co-working space Agora on Thursday December 6. Whitsitt is in town to teach this one, which promises to teach you the basics of fermentation and how the age-old tradition can benefit your digestive system. This one ain't free (300!).

That's followed by the Charity Clothes Drive at The Rooster over the weekend. It's a casual affair happening all day long, in which they ask for your wearable jackets, coats, pants and shoes, which they will pass on to The Renewal Center. As a thank-you, The Rooster will pour a free pint of Vedett for any of you blessed souls who donate. This starts at 3.30pm and goes on through the evening. Doesn't cost you a thing but some old pants.

Finally, VeganSTEP will be having a launch party the following weekend (December 15th, 11am-4pm) at Moka Bros. For the two-week campaign to raise awareness for veganism, Oatly, Whole Perfect Foods and BA YAN KA LA, will be providing oat milk, vegan "meat", cruelty-free skincare and other trappings of the vegan lifestyle. Freeeeeeeeeeee.



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