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Over 80 Puppies, Cats, And Dogs Up For Adoption This Weekend

Mar 18, 2016 | 16:26 Fri
Chinese New Year is a time of fireworks, celebrations, and family reunions. Sadly, it’s also the time when a lot of people get rid of their unwanted pets by dumping them on the streets. Seriously -- it's a bad scene. A lady at the convenience store this morning was nursing a puppy no bigger than a Shanghai rat, and he could barely open his eyes. She found him in the alley.

Best Friend’s China (BFC) has two adoption days this weekend to find homes for animals that were recently abandoned over Chinese New Year. On Saturday, from 11am-4pm, you can meet the 40 dogs and 15 cats up for adoption at Amanda Plaza. Then on Sunday, from 3-7pm, they have 25 puppies less than six months old waiting to be adopted at Must Grill (yes, it's an animal adoption event at a grill).

According to Best Friends China, there’s a few reasons why these animals get abandoned. For one, some migrant workers take care of an animal while they're in Shanghai, but they can’t afford to bring the animal back home with them.

For puppies, it’s slightly different. Often, a family dog has a litter with several unwanted puppies. As BFC's founder Jane Saw explains, "One solution is to spray and neuter their pets to prevent unwanted litter, but people don’t want to do it either because they feel it is cruel or [because they] don’t want to spend the money.” So instead they just throw the puppies out on the street. Because you know, that's less cruel.

Unfortunately there’s no way to find these people and hold them responsible, but you can stop by over the weekend at one of these events and give a little love to these little lives and maybe even take one home.

(Don't take them home unless you have an exit plan that involves the pet.)

If you’re not in town long enough to adopt a pet, you can still foster one through Best Friends China’s fostering network. So ask about that if you go. And if you want to learn more about BFC and what they do, check out our Communities article on them.

Also this weekend, Community Center Shanghai has a pet fair with Jaiya’s Animal Rescue putting up some pets for adoption. That one goes from 11am-3pm on Saturday.


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