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The Cat Exhibition Is the Saddest Place on Earth

Sep 28, 2016 | 15:14 Wed
Over on the fourth floor of the Global Harbor Mall, they've got a cat exhibition where you can look at cats, play with cats, and possibly adopt cats? Yes, definitely, we're up for that action. Definitely. But was it everything we hoped for? Not... exactly.

Cat pics and details after the jump.


Sadness. A deep, aching, and profound sadness, accented with malaise, dejection, anxiety and despair -- in a word, sadness -- sadness, as expressed though the medium of cats -- seems to be the main theme at the Cat Exhibition. Even as far at the genre "cat in box, wallowing in filth" goes, this is truly some powerful stuff.

Included in the exhibition is two play areas with four to five selected cats that guests are able to interact with. (Sadly.) Otherwise, cats are kept in separate boxes, and left to the business of radiating their sadness through plexiglass.

You can also get your face painted with whiskers, though we didn't see anyone partaking in that. That would have been happy. (Maybe.)

Over 60 (sad) cats were displayed at the exhibition (have I mentioned the sadness?), including various breeds such as Sad British Short Hairs, Sad Russian Blues, Sad Abyssinian, Sad Persians, Sad Egyptian Maus, and Grumpy Cat (a rare breed primarily found on the internet -- pictured at the top of this article -- the Kurt Cobain of Sad Cats, really). Some cats were adoptable, but it wasn't too clear on how to go about doing that.

Most of the cats weren't neutered and the whole place reeked of cat urine. Which was... yes, pretty sad. Surprisingly, the gift shop had no cat toys and mostly sold plush toys. (Sad.)

Price to get in is 58rmb on Gewara, but you're probably best off spending your money elsewhere -- like somewhere they're not making money off these poor creatures. If you're looking to adopt, try nonprofits SCAA and Best Friends China, where they take good care of their pets and won't charge you a cover. That's a happy thing.

Also, SmSh has a pets section in the Buy & Sell area right here.


The exhibit runs until December 11, from 10am-9pm.


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