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Save Mauritius, Save Lebanon, Save Shanghai: Charity Events In August

By Aug 20, 2020 Community
Calamities beset us but we persevere. Here are a couple of worthy events to donate your time, attention — and money — to. On Saturday, August 22, OKRA is hosting Save Mauritius' Reef to raise awareness and raise money for the ecological catastrophe that has struck that gorgeous island; on Thursday, August 27, Tacolicious is hosting a Lebanon Relief event to help the country get back on its feet following the explosion in Beirut. Lower profile in the international news, but no less pressing, The Rooster is hosting another clothing drive. Details after the jump.

Save Mauritius' Reef Fundraising

2-8pm, Saturday, August 22 @ OKRA Jewelry Studio

What Happened: On July 25, a large cargo ship carrying 4,000 tons of oil struck a reef off the coast of Mauritius, and has spilled more than a quarter of its cargo into the fragile reef ecosystems that the island relies on for its economy, tourism, food security and health, including two environmentally protected reserves. Locals and volunteers are scrambling to contain and clean up the oil spill.

"I am heartbroken. This catastrophe threatens the environment and the tourism industry, poses a risk to health, to jobs, to food security, among dozens of other factors because our country depends so much on the ocean. Mauritius does not have the resources to tackle this ecological crisis without help from abroad. Through our community and platforms in Shanghai, we have to unite to make a difference. This is a call for help for my home island." - Julie (organizer)

What's The Event: OKRA, whose owner was born and raised in Mauritius, will be hosting an event on August 22 from 2-8pm, to raise awareness for the relief effort and collect funds to help. They pledge that 100% of all proceeds from jewelry sales will be sent to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation and a Mauritian NGO called Eco-sud, which is collecting funds for expenses associated with cleaning and protecting the lagoon.

If you're not able to attend the event, you can donate directly to a WeChat account towards the bottom of this article.

Tacolicious Lebanon Relief

Thursday, August 27 @ Tacolicious

What Happened: Shortly after 6pm on August 4, over two thousand tonnes of ammonium nitrate, stored improperly for years in a warehouse in the port of Beirut, exploded. The blast obliterated the port, destroyed buildings, knocked out hospitals. It killed nearly 200 people, injured around 6,000, and has left hundreds of thousands without homes.

"As Lebanese, we always talk about how the entire world has called Beirut the Paris of the Middle East. And right now, our Paris is full of broken glass, and shattered buildings, and people whose homes have been torn away from them. I want to do something to help those people rebuild their lives and their homes and I thank everyone for their support." - Nikki (organizer)

What's The Event: Tacolicious is hosting a Lebanon Relief event on Thursday, August 27, from noon to 10pm, with all proceeds on frozen margaritas and raffle tickets — and a portion of sales on a special Lebanese taco — going to the Lebanese Red Cross, Beit al Baraka and Offre-Joie. Companies from around town are offering all kinds vouchers and prizes for the raffle, and there will be video and possibly even a video-call from the charities in Beirut, showing what conditions are really like on the ground.

If you're not able to attend the event, donations can be made by scanning the QR code in the bottom left corner of their event flyer.

The Rooster Clothing Drive

August 28-30 @ The Rooster

What Happened: Poverty, man. Poverty happened.

What's the Event: The ever-charitable The Rooster, fresh off its 7th Annual Scooter Wash is doing another clothing drive for the Renewal Center, which provides clothing for the homeless in Shanghai. They need jackets, coats, pants, shoes, whatever, all in good and wearable condition, and underwear and socks (unused, you filth!). That's on every day, August 28-30, from 3.30pm-late, and you get a free pint of Vedett if you donate.



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