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Sunday: Queer Talks Meeting - A Safe Space For Non-Mainstream Gender Identities

Feb 16, 2017 | 13:58 Thu
Queer Talks is a bi-monthly, bi-lingual meet-up, created as a safe space where LGBTQIA individuals can come together and talk about their experiences in relation to the given topic of the week. This Sunday, they're meeting to discuss consent. Anyone can to join the conversation.


The format is pretty straightforward. They have a moderator that starts the dialogue, then people can share their opinions and experiences on the topic of the week. Although sometimes people might have different viewpoints, discussions are kept friendly and respectful. This week they'll ask questions about what consent means to you and how free you feel to discuss it with your friends and partners.

"We don't want to preach anything. We don't have an agenda at Queer Talks, but want to present an open space so that people can talk about their opinions and have a dialogue about it," says Queer Talks organizer Lilian Shen.

The event is free to join. It's geared toward people who don't fall into the typical identifications of straight, gay, or lesbian, but all are welcome. The one happening this Sunday is from 5.30-8pm at Roxie, a lesbian bar on Kangding Lu.


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