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That New Club from Some of The Shelter Guys Is Open Tonight, Bull & Claw Is One Week Away

By Jun 2, 2017 Dining
Hey Shanghai. Keeping it short today. The enormity of the news requires space. We're talking earth-rending news today. News the likes of which the F&B world hasn't seen since last week.

The new Bull & Claw has a release date.

The ALL-new (heh) club from the guys behind Shelter is open tonight.

And there's a Kellog's Cereal Cafe Pop-Up happening this weekend.

Dootools oofter the joomp.


Now Open

"HOLY FUCK THE NEW SHELTER IS OPEN" reads the general consensus in that one group-chat I'm in where the median age is like 20. Don't ask why I'm in there. It's my job to take the pulse of the kids.

Settle down children. It's not quite Shelter. But it's a club. It's a club with some serious pedigree involved. Gaz Williams is involved. It's called ALL.

It could be in soft opening, yadayada, doors might be closed again tomorrow, still getting sorted, blabla. Tonight, the doors open 10pm, 60rmb to get in, the line-up looks like this;

Yen Tech (live)
Dis Fig

And it's located directly below a Perry's. HOLY F!@#$

Oh, and that new Hatsune open in IAPM has got 20% off during its soft opening.

Now Closed

Hunan House has been shuttered. They says they're working on a new concept, very exciting, simply called "Lychee" They're pretty tight-lipped beyond that, but they say they'll be ready in one month, so, knowing Shanghai, expect an opening sometime between tomorrow and the inevitable robot uprising.

Also sad news, Dogtown been taken out behind the shed and Old Yeller'd. They had a massive blow-out party for it, though, so dry your tears. We'll see what they've got in store next.

Word Around Town

The new Bull & Claw is opening next week guys. They already had a secret sort-of-soft-launch last weekend. By all accounts, the menu's still ace. And there's some speculation coming in about a free-flow G'n'T brunch. Next week! It's so close! Clear your schedules! Saturday June 10 is cancelled! Boozy brunches! We love booze! We love brunch!

In other news, health eatery joint Wheat is opening a new spot on Fumin Lu underneath the staircase to Diva. That's happening soon.

The Bund's odd-one-out hostel bar (with 60rmb beers) Captain's Bar has been taken over by UNICO's ex-bartender Geo, who will be turning it into... something else. Something classier, no doubt. Something classier than the pirate ship hold Captain's Bar is/was. I'll kind of miss it. The last place you could drink on the Bund in sandals, except the Family Mart across the street.

Also, Saturday is National Free Beer Day.

And finally, the most important news of all;

There's the one cafe that used to be (is?) called See the Scenery of the Balcony. It has one of the finest terraces in the city, before noon, when sun gets blocked by the building behind it. For this weekend, and this weekend only, it has been converted into the Pink Froo-Froo Marketing Shrine to Kellogg's New Rose-Flavored Healthy Breakfast Cereal Cafe. 38rmb gets you a bowl with DIY toppings. Runs until Sunday, 10am-8pm. I'll see you there, Shanghai. Love me some damn Kellogg's cereal. Love me some dumb, dumb pop-ups.



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