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[UPDATED] Whampoa Club Closes As Well, Beef & Liberty Has A Launch Date, And Kathleen's Is Crossing the River

Aug 11, 2017 | 17:58 Fri
A Bunch of F&Bs: The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.
Another August weekend. Such peace. Such quietude. Just kidding. Two F&BSs in one week, Shanghai! So much F&BS. Whampoa Club's shut, Kathleen's is now definitely moving across the river (but update: not shut yet), and in better news, Beef & Liberty is opening up on the 20th still doesn't have an opening date. Meanwhile, undo your belt and wallet in anticipation.


Now Open

In case you somehow didn't catch that Penthouse centerfold burger shot on the front page for the last two days, Sunny's Burgerland opened up. Excellent (comparatively) cheap Japanese place Machiya, and Eli Falafel did too. The latter remains, after heated debate in the comments section, the only dedicated Lebanese place in the city we know of.


Bella Mia reopened recently, having done away with the menu full of the sorts of things you normally get at an Italian restaurant. Instead, they insist they're sticking solely to regional specialities and favorites, like Genoese Baccala and Milanese Ossobuco con risotto. Alla Milanese. That's a fun menu to read out loud. Out of earshot of any Italian speakers.

Intriguing addition to Taikoo Hui, seul&SEUL opened up. Intriguing in both culinary attitudes and grammatical whippersnappery (no respect for morphology these young'uns), it's brought to us by a Shanghainese chef who previously worked at the Number 2 restaurant in Asia. It does a "no-menu" dinner, which basically means "sit down, pay up, hang on."

Now Closed

3 on the Bund's Whampoa Club has shuttered it's doors for "internal adjustments such as menu, food, concept, etc." They've got a plan for a new concept, that might keep the same name, or not, they haven't decided yet. This brand-new concept, they say, "will not digress from Whampoa Club." This on the heels of their neighbor Chi-Q closing back in March. Most peculiar.


The Word Around Town

Big news for people working near IAPM, that new Beef & Liberty will be opening on the 20th. Be calm, heart of mine, still your earth-rending tattoo.

[UPDATE: Please note that Beef & Liberty is NOT, in fact, opening on the 20th, but they'll be announcing their opening date later this month. The party responsible for rumors to the contrary (yours truly), has been politely told to get his facts straight]

Kathleen's Waitain is shut and moving the eff out. Specifically, to that strip near Superbrand Mall, you know, near where TGIF and the new Brownstone tapas place is? So I guess it's still sort of "Waita-- oh, it seems it won't be reopening as Kathleen's, and it won't be fine dining. Which begs the question, "what exactly is this now"? But I guess that's the official end of Kathleen's as we know it. Pour one out.

[UPDATE: Please note that Kathleen's is NOT, in fact, shut, but is, still, moving the eff out. The party responsible for rumors to the contrary (yours truly), has been politely told to get his facts straight]


The latest in hotel chef movements! It seems Jai Gudino of 1515 Chophouse and Albert Servalls of The Langham have both left to join the up-and-coming Bellagio Hotel. Not to be confused with late-night spot Bellagio.


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