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After YKL, is Dongping Lu the Next Street For Bar and Restaurant Closures?

Aug 5, 2016 | 17:54 Fri
Openings & Closings: The circle of life churns at a frantic, untenable pace for venues in Shanghai. Follow our equally desperate attempt to keep up.
Yongkang Lu closures are happening now. Rumor says that the next street in Xuhui Qu to see major changes by the end of 2016 will be Dongping Lu, due to reclamation of businesses in heritage buildings owned by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. If this is true, it sounds like a similar situation to Shaanxi Nan Lu and Fuxing Lu, which saw dozens of businesses shuttered as a university reclaimed property there.

Restaurants on the potentially-affected block include: Italian restaurant D.O.C., Simply Thai, Sasha's and Di Shui Dong. SmartShanghai reached out to D.O.C. owners, Camel Hospitality Group, who did not respond to requests for comment. They also operate several businesses on Yongkang Lu, and have recently opened Luchador in Suzhou, with a D.O.C. opening there soon.

Sasha's says they are "safe for now," though their landlord is the school. Other sources say they may close in early 2017. An employee from Green & Safe said that, "Yes, school yards are taking back land. We are not affected yet." This afternoon, a security guard -- usually a source that trades in equal parts accurate and inaccurate information -- at the school said that "everything on the street will be closed, including Sasha's -- you see what's happening to Yongkang Lu now? You won't have any more places to play! Haha." The manager at another business on the street said that all the businesses on the south side of the road will close by the end of the year, including his.

On the other side of Dongping, a manager at Shanghai Brewery said there's no news about any closures on their end. They did note that they'll be opening another location in Xintiandi this fall, however.

Special thanks to the anonymous insider tipped us to this story. More news as we get it, and much luck to all the businesses dealing with the Shanghai circle of life.


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