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All the Kaibas Close as AB InBev Looks To "Reposition The Brand"

Apr 24, 2018 | 16:07 Tue
That's all the Kaibas, which were acquired in 2016 by AB InBev, owners of Goose Island (hail Goose), as well as the barely-a-year-old Kaiba Crafts. They'd already been shutting them down gradually over the last couple of months, but it seems that the last batch closed their doors on April 23. Goose Island reps say the beer will remain available via Chinese online bottle store, but they're going back to the drawing board and "repositioning the brand." Our guess? Yoga studio.

After an aggressive round of acquisitions last year, which included Boxing Cat Brewery and Liquid Laundry, Goose reportedly suffered flagging sales in 2017, at least in the US. This year, the Shanghai branch says they've got new, innovative projects planned. We hover on the very edge of the windowsill in anticipation of their next move.


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