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Eduardo Vargas' Colca and Shanghai Nightclubs Making Moves

Apr 6, 2017 | 17:54 Thu
A Bunch of F&Bs: The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.

Thankfully, less upheaval this week, but still plenty of buzz from the nightlifier side of the news, as well as a surprise early reveal of Eduardo Vargas' new place Colca. Hot scoops after the jump.


Now Open

Palmetto: The lights are now on. We promise.

Newest in from Julu's hole in the ground; 2in1 is now in soft opening down in Found 158. Bar and restaurant, together, in one place.

New club called Case. They've got a grand opening party tonight, which is an invite-only sort of deal. Just tell them you're "XZ Palmer" and they'll let you in. From their marketing stuff, it looks like this is going to be a combination of exhibition and art space, dance-off amphitheater, lecture hall and, naturally, party venue, with an emphasis on their street vibezzz.

In other news, EZ5 Livehouse (soft) opened up on Maoming Bei Lu on April 1. We've got some apprehensions about a place called "EZ Livehouse" but no judgements until we've been inside the place.

Palmetto's got actual working hours now so if you were confused by it being closed over the weekend, well, now it's not.

Now Closed

Cheese & Fizz on Dagu Lu suddenly grew a padlock on the door a little while ago, but it seems like it's finally being torn-up and replaced with something else, thereby rejoining the circle of life. There's something else going in right next to the new Caxton as well. We asked the waiter and he said it's probably "a bar or a restaurant". Others on the street said it might be a clothing store. Or management renovating it for future lease. Mysteries! Sherlock!

The Word Around Town

Elevator turns one on Saturday. It will probably look like this. And that's not a camera effect!

The location of very short-lived "Ecuadorian fine dining" restaurant (yes) Wawa Mama is behind construction scaffolding -- construction scaffolding that reads "Bread Etc." Jing'an residents expect your own branch of the Xiangyang Lu mod-ish French bakery in the near future. French bakeries -- it's like there's a gap in the market these days. Haha. Ouch. Bread Etc. is quite good in our estimation. Read our "On the Radar" for their Xuhui location here.

Mexican eatery Jalapeno is rebranding itself to make room for the oft-missed Bubba's. The ten-gallon hats in charge are planning to call it Bordertown, with a menu featuring the best parts of Mexico and Texas. You could could call "MexTex" cuisine or something. They'll be shutting down Jalapeno to do some redecorating, but no word yet on when. They said "hopefully soon."

DEUS on its way in to Found 158 as well, but you'll probably have to wait until next week for that to really happen. We stuck our heads in though and it's looking like a classy upscale cocktail bar. Hopefully Zapfler didn't skimp on the sound-proofing.

A few bits and bobs on Shanghai's clubbing scene: It's anniversary time for both Elevator and Celia. They're both celebrating one-year anniversaries on April 8 and April 29 respectively. The Parrot on Donghu Lu is also celebrating their first birthday this Saturday, April 8. Their "party for grown ups" is getting going early at 7.30pm with buy-one-get-one beers and tequila shots flowing "like there's no tomorrow."

We heard Le Baron is going to get a bit of a refurb to switch their bar around and open up that rooftop space to smokers. That should be happening in the coming weeks.

Dada's is looking to have their backroom bar expansion done for an opening on May 16 -- that place is going to get significantly larger and in-charger.

Arkham is still projecting that May opening date but showing off the place early on April 14, with an invite-only fashion show featuring international designer Xander Zhou. Kids, if you get on the S.T.D. WeChat and send them your details, they'll let you in. That's a hot tip for you, scenesters. Finally, Arkham becomes the glitzy international fashion hub it was always meant to be.

And finally, a hot scoop in from Morgan:

"One of Shanghai’s most prolific restaurateurs Eduardo Vargas is back at it with a new restaurant / bar concept called Colca. They’re in the process of conceiving the exact menu right now with private tastings but the broad strokes is tapas bar and seafood grill serving 150 seats. From the man himself: "The food will be a mix of Peruvian and Spanish, with me, Chef Eduardo Vargas, my Executive Chef is Oscar Beltran, and my Danish Chef de Cuisine making this menu yummy and interesting. The bar is going to be the first real Pisco bar with infused piscos. and cocktails based on piscos, with Latin influence."

Drinks are ready; design is ready; they’re waiting on the paper work and to finalize said menu. Here’s a quick peek inside via, I'm guessing, Vargas' iPhone 5:

Looks pretty Latin Shanghai swank. Comes replete with lounge and patio seating. Vargas’ wheelhouse pretty much. Look for it to soft open in May. For a preview, they’re hosting a charity event this Sunday to raise funds for Peruvians affected by a recent spate of natural disasters. This Sunday, April 9, hit it up for a Peruvian Chicken Brunch from 12pm to 6pm. 100rmb gets you a chicken plate and good karma to round out your weekend."

That's it for this week, Shanghai. Check back next week for more scandalous, unsubstantiated F&B gossip.


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