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Cafe Del Volcan's Turning 5 and Doing Half-Off All Coffee Today

By Aug 18, 2017 Dining
If you're in the vicinity of the now-surprisingly-quaint-and-quiet Yongkang Lu, you might know Cafe Del Volcan. They're pretty popular. They do good coffee. They're also turning five years old this weekend and therefore have decided to do 50% off all their coffees and bags of coffee for today. On top of that, they're doing an open-house at their coffee roastery in Minhang tomorrow. Breaking coffee news!


So yeah! Five years! On Yokngkang Lu no less. To celebrate, Cafe Del Volcan, the shoe-box sized coffee shop run by husband-and-wife team Nils Weisensee and Lindsay Messenger, is doing half-priced coffees and bags of coffee for their anniversary. Which is always welcome.

This year, though, they're also an open-day at their new roastery, which doubles (triples?) as a training center and their soon-to-be-open cafe in Minhang. After 5 years of staying good and wholesome on Shanghai's unwholesomest street, they're expanding. This Saturday, from 2-6pm, they're inviting you to wander around and get your grubby fingerprints all over the glass separating the plebes from the roasters, maybe ask them about training courses, maybe try some coffee, maybe have a snack. Maybe ask them about future expansions. No need to register, just show up.

Congrats on 5 years to those guys. Check out our review of the place back when it first opened here.


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