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The Best Time to Try One of Shanghai's Best Burgers: CU2's Gourmet Burger Deal

Jun 23, 2016 | 14:27 Thu
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Burgers and cocktails... are kind of like socks and sandals. I mean, you could do it -- you could -- but it's awkward and strange, and you're probably just better off rethinking the whole thing. That's what makes Huaihai Lu spot CU2 kind of baffling; it's a cocktail lounge that happens to serve some of the city's best burgers.

You should hit them up on Thursdays because...

The Deal: Every Thursday, CU2 hosts a burger and two beers from Shanghai's own Song Brewery for 88rmb net.


Yeah, 88rmb is not exactly a "deal" on a burger, but these usually cost over 100rmb and so it's all about just trying to save you a little bit of money on a burger experience that you really need to be a part of anyways. You need this burger in your life.

CU2 is the small cocktail lounge attached to Cuivre french restaurant. Same owners. It's a quirkily little space with cafeteria-like bench seating as well as stools and tall tables. Cocktails are mostly original variations on classics. A recommendation: the burger. They've got no kitchen so they're coming in from next door, arriving in brown paper boxes without plates or silverware. You've gotta order fries separately, but they're overly oily and not really necessary. Have we mentioned the burger?

Named after one of the owners, Michael Wendling, the "MikeOnTheBike" (pictured above) has truffle mayo, onion confit, romaine lettuce, and brie cheese. Other burgers get topped with raclette, emmental, blue, or goat cheese. By default, the burgers, partly made of trimmings from sister restaurants T for Thai and Cuivre, come out medium, well-seasoned, and exploding with juice and flavor.

The restaurant is dark and cluttered and looks more like a cafe than a cocktail lounge or burger joint. You probably won't come here and drop 68rmb on a cocktail to go with a burger that comes in a box. But if all you care about is enjoying one of the finest burgers in the city and a couple drinkable local beers, this is the deal you've been looking for. You can also head in on a Monday when they offer the burgers with fries and beer (or a cocktail, if you really want one) for 88rmb as well.


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