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Hey, That's Alright: Lotus Eatery Serves a 25rmb Lunch Set

May 19, 2017 | 11:26 Fri
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What's the Deal: Every weekday, popular-with-the-expats Yunnanese chain Lotus Eatery does a 25rmb lunch set. The school cafeteria vibes don't even faze us, because it's 25rmb.


What's the Deal: From 11.30am to 1pm sharp at the cheap'n'cheerful family-run Yunnan joint, there's an all-you-can-eat lunch deal.

It's simple; at the counter, ask for "yi fen wu shi tao can" or just keep repeating "25rmb." Grab a tray they probably bought second-hand from a school cafeteria. Go to the lunch lady by the steel basins and get a heaping helping of whatever you want. Offerings change every day. Grab chopsticks, grab some rice, ladle some soup into a bowl, go find a seat at the cool table. You can have as much as you like, but you have to finish your first helping before the cafeteria monitor will let you go back for seconds.

Mmmm cafeteria food

Hey, it's pretty good. Love Yunnan food, and Lotus Eatery's not half bad. On my cafeteria tray, I got chicken and potatoes, fish and jelly something, pork and lotus plant, spicy bean sprouts, some mushrooms. Tasted fantastic for 25rmb. They didn't skimp on the meat, neither. Don't fill up on rice (I guess you can if you only like one thing), and make sure you get there early or it'll all be gone. There's no drink included, and they don't refill the steel food tubs. It goes until it, or the time, runs out.

Is It Worth It: Yup. It's a 25rmb free-for-all Yunnan lunch. You can't even get a bowl of noodles for 25rmb anymore at some places, and this place lets you have seconds. Don't like Yunnanese food? Don't eat.


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