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The Deals Tested Roundup: What's On and What's Gone

By Apr 26, 2016 Dining
So we have this column called Deals Tested, where we test promotions and deals that sound interesting, like free-flow pizza or beer or cheap steaks. Unfortunately, F&B marketing personnel in Shanghai have an extremely high turnover rate, and when they peace out, said deals often vanish and no one updates the media (much love those who do keep us updated). Then people go to enjoy the deals, meet terrible disappointment, and leave rage messages in our webform.

For example...

"I WENT 2 PIZZA DEAL @ X$X%#X BUT THERE IS NO MORE! U r NOT PRoFESSIONAL I THINK SmartShanghai should do better job on this!"

Actually, that's super useful and we really appreciate our readers keeping us updated. We strive to have the best event listings in Shanghai, but no amount of diligence can fix the entropy in Shanghai dining and nightlife. So we advise you to call ahead. We just did exactly that, so here's the [new] deal with the deals we've tested.

The Fallen

Mammamia's free-flow pizza deal -- once the king of the Tuesday night deals -- is gone. Windows Scoreboard's Mexican Madness buffet on Wednesdays is now totally ambiguous. Staff say "We shut it down once we hit our targets for the night". Morton's steak sandwiches are long gone, due to the cosmic ballet.

The Deals That Remain

On Tuesdays, you can stop by Must Grill for buy-one-get-one burgers (pictured up top) and Unico for an hour of free mojitos from 8.30-9.30pm, and you can get a 300 gram Argentinian steak with a glass of wine for 150rmb from El Bodegon. Wednesday nights, Le Baron serves a dozen oysters for 98rmb and Tomatito dishes out 10rmb tapas. Kaiba still has an insane beer deal, though times have changed, and the Indian restaurant next door rocks an 80rmb buffet with free-flow beer on the daily.

You can find a lot more bargains in our dedicated Deals page. If you're a venue with a good deal, by all means send it our way. If you feel like testing some deals yourself, go for it and leave a user review – we give away 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery money every week to whoever writes our favorite review.

And as always – call ahead.



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