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F&B Chat: Fatburger, Spread The Bagel, Yong Ping Li, ASL, Al's Bakery, More On The Way

By Aug 24, 2016 Dining
Hey Shanghai... It's hot. Wanna chat? There's a lot of news in the world of F&B.

You ready for these drops?


Enrique, Formerly of Monkey Champagne, Opens ASL Club

ASL Club. Snagged the pic from Enrique's WeChat...

Here's a throwback: Tongren Lu. One of the dudes behind Monkey Champagne just [soft] opened a nightclub called ASL at 88 Tongren, where Latina used to be. (Age, Sex, Location?) Judging from the WeChat photos, it looks like a mix of bottle service, hip hop, EDM and Top 40. "We will just play music we like, SMTH style. For now, anything goes.", says Enrique. They're only open on Friday and Saturday this weekend.

Yong Ping Li Is Coming Along

The new skewers shop STYX, by former 3 On The Bund dude Pascal

While many establishments on Hengshan and Dongping might shut down by this time next year, one positive development is this new compound called Yong Ping Li, right next to the Hengshan Lu metro station. Anken Group supervised the design and construction, and it's looking real nice. Look out for a concept by Azul, a Cuban restaurant, a Bistro Burger sequel, a flower shop, and a really sharp, touring-the-world-of-BBQ-skewers restaurant called STYX, designed by starchitect Baptiste Bohu. These places should open in the next few months.

Signs of Life in Sinan Mansions

Craft beer scene keeps on rising... (No relation to Jackie's Beer Nest.)

Maybe Sinan Mansions arrived too early, and in 5-10 years they'll start to bloom a bit like Xintiandi is now. Construction is underway on a brewery by Japanese craft beer company Hitachino Nest Beer, whose mascot is an owl. They're going in right next to Boxing Cat.

Also in Sinan Mansions, that Fatburger is finally going to open in late September. Look out for it.

[BRB, Mom needs comp]

New Menu at Xintiandi Spread The Bagel

Friends of the IAPM neighborhood: sorry, but there is no update on the Spread The Bagel (STB) on Nanchang. Possibly in F&B purgatory, possibly coming back. Let us hope!

Meanwhile, proprietor Christine has been busy at their Xintiandi shop (just one metro stop away from Nanchang...), restructuring the whole menu and smoking all their meats in-house, with the help of Dylan Briley (ex- Goga, Mr & Mrs Bund). They've got a gang of new sandwiches, including a salmon patty joint and a new pizza bagel that are on a new level. They've really stepped their game up. Lunch sets are 58rmb and they've got a new brunch on weekends.

Other Xintiandi News

Garfield has opened a ramen shop in Fuxing SOHO. Why would he do that, when he only eats lasagna?

Your correspondents were unable to reach Garfield, but we did get a hold of Kelley Lee. She says her new Xintiandi restaurant Cobra Lily (sounds like an '80s anime title) should be open by the end of September. That will feature "Asian street food concept with Asian-inspired craft cocktails and craft beer".

The team from Xixi Bistro are also working on a project in Xintiandi, though they're keeping the details on the DL for now. As mentioned last week, they've got another concept opening in the Da Tong Mill this year as well.

[BRB, neighbors doing construction again. Need 2 yell @ them]

New Al's Diner and Al's Bakery

Al's new bakery will also feature Gracie's ice cream

Boom! Al's Diner is opening a bakery at 174 Xiangyang Nan Lu at the start of September. Look out for muffins, scones, breads, cupcakes, pies, cakes, and more. They'll have Gracie's ice cream as well.

Even better, a second branch of Al's will open on the second floor of the bakery.

New Shanghai Bakery

Speaking of bakeries, our friend Ox from Shanghai Bakery says their new shop at Anken Air on Zhenning Lu will open in mid-September. Can't wait for that one.

Paul Pairet Working the Stove at Unico?

Unico is under construction until the end of August, and word on the streets is that Paul Pairet (Ultraviolet, Mr & Mrs Bund) will take over kitchen duty in some form when the place reopens. Unico says they're keeping it under wrap for now, but did mention some big acts coming through for their Bachatamemucho Latin Festival happening on Sept 13.


Ok, g2g. More F&B news l8er.

- Signing Off.

(PS: really need to change my away message. It's been these Thursday lyrics forever...)



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  • 4 years ago handoogies

    Hitachino is legit, real tasty beer.

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