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First Bite: Prée, Luxury Ice-Cream In Xintiandi

By Jun 12, 2015 Dining
Nice day for an ice cream...crowned with pieces of gold. Xintiandi just got this new high-end ice cream lounge called Prée, with "smart technology" and alleged recipies from "a very low profile three-star Michelin chef". The cream gets made fresh on site, with black truffles, bourbon, roasted cherries, and other pieces of luxury. And the result is just as good as the thousands of WeChat moments photos that will flow out of this place over the summer.

So, the name comes from their recipe, which according to the PR materials was created by a popular ice cream shop owner in a small Swiss town, on a street called Ai Prée. The owner, this mystery Michelin man, he only uses traditional recipes combined with advanced ice-cream technology, the PacoJet. Just how low key is this guy? Google searches with various combinations of "Ai Prée" and "ice cream" in English and French yielded no results.

Regardless of this mystical recipe and chef, the ice cream does not disappoint. We're talking levels up from offerings at nearby Godiva and Häagen-Dazs stores. After about five minutes of labor, the black truffle flavor (88rmb) came out looking rich.

That one blends soft serve ice cream with fragments of black truffle, topped with little [edible] gold pieces on top. Addictive and smooth, not grainy like many ice creams, and delightfully melty with an impressive aftertaste. The royal rose lychee (68rmb) also impressed, while the Bourbon and roasted cherries was just about what one would expect with that title. They also have England black ale flavor available, and plan to roll out 4–5 more boozy ice-creams.

Overall a good look for treats on special occasions or to impress a certain someone without going to a high-end restaurant. Note: the store is tiny, with only six seats inside and three outside, so it might be better for take-out.



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  • dieguetis

    So if nobody knows about this 3 star Michelin chef, the ice cream shop won't mention it, and searching on google doesn't work...
    How do we know is even true?? Won't be the first time someone in Shanghai opens a place pretending to be something that isn't...

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