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Good Oyster Deal on for Saturday Night

By May 26, 2016 Dining
Good deals on bivalves for year-round oyster eaters. Yeah, you're only supposed to eat them in months with "R"'s in their names, but that's sort of been debunked.

Oyster season: It's like a rolling thunder chasing the wind.

The band, Live! Remember Live? Live...

Anyone! Anyone...

That song contains this lyric, for real: "Her placenta falls to the floor."

On that note, we recommend lighting crashing down on these very nice-sounding oyster deals coming up and ongoing in the near future.


Saturday, May 28: Free-Flow Oyster and Sparkling Wine Deal @ Banyan Tree

Oyster-lovers, Banyan Tree Shanghai on The Bund is offering a really great oyster and wine deal this Saturday. Unlimited freshly shucked oysters, seafood platters, and gourmet finger food, accompanied by a selection of free-flow sparkling, red, and white wines. Tickets are 298rmb. Runs from 7pm to 9.30pm. That ain't bad.


Looking ahead to June 18, Vue Bar in the Hyatt is hosting their annual 'They Like it Raw' Free-Flow Oyster Lunch. The event sees hundreds of deal-seeking, thrifty-ass oyster gourmands descending on the lux hotel bar for an oyster lunch on the Bund. Oysters are flown in for the occasion (aren't they always?) from all over the globe. All-you-can-eat, freshly shucked, and accompanied by a selection of free-flow Chablis wines. 298rmb. Keep that one in the back of your mind.


Lastly, don't forget about Bull & Claw's daily late night Oysterfest, a dozen (12) Premium Irish Oysters for 98rmb. Chef Hardeep can prepare them "Shanghai style" or Kilpatrick for 138rmb. What is "Shanghai style", we wonder. Like they serve you some oysters and then your landlord keeps your rent deposit forever. Something like that. That deal is on every day except Friday and Saturday. It's Thursday, right?



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