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Here Are Four Restaurants So New, You Might Beat Us To Them

Aug 7, 2020 | 12:00 Fri
Couple of hot new hotnesses for you adventurous diner-types: four new places have popped up on our radars just recently, and we thought you might want to check them out before even we've had a chance to go. In the Tongji university town, Mi Bolivia has opened up, claiming to be the only Bolivian restaurant in the city.

On Danshui Lu, La Barbacoa promises Spanish tapas, paella and a charcoal bar.

New Thai restaurant Hidden Thai is having its grand opening this weekend, with up to 30% discount if you jump through some WeChat promotional hoops.

Finally, Duli has opened up on Donghu Lu as a vegan and vegetarian restaurant that's actually quite excellent. We know, because we lied a little bit: we've already been to that one. Heartily recommended. But the other three are total mysteries to us! Race ya!


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