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"I'm sorry but i really cannot understand why people queue up so long for such ice cream."

By Jul 25, 2016 Dining
Whoa. We got way more user reviews than usual last week. Possibly people using our new app? Perhaps just people spending more time in the AC on their digital devices? Either way, much love to everyone who wrote in. Let's see what people are saying and give away 500rmb in Sherpa's money.

"All in all, I paid 124rmb, or roughly what I had paid for the cheap dress I was wearing to brunch that I had bought the day before. …Can't wait to come back and try everything -- or just order multiple rounds of churros, all to myself." -- Julietd on Maya

"The staff told me that I had to pay entry when my local friends had already walked in for free. Signs for payment are in English only. The drinks are ok but the feeling at the door ruins the night." -- salimamissy on Diva

"Once they iron out the service issues it will be a cool place for a drink." -- edrichardson on Barber Shop

"Crab is not a dish made for elegant eating. I want to be messy. I want to wipe my hands everywhere. I don't get it. But I will be going back for the crab." -- TSkillet on Under Bridge Spicy Crab

"I'm wondering why this place wasn't incredibly crowded on a Saturday afternoon. It seems like the perfect place to go out for brunch - dishes come out very fast, drinks are good, nothing is overly expensive and there's a lot to choose from." -- Marcela M on Chicken & Egg

"It was great! It was like we were magically transported to Greece…sitting on the balcony… the 900 degree weather…" -- melmark on Greek Taverna (Yueyang Lu)

"If you like savoury Pie, this is the best in Shanghai and far better than most you would find in the UK, so the team has totally nailed it." -- buma_claat on Pie Society

"This restaurant is German? For anyone who has spent their life under a rock I’ll just let you know that Germany, along with many other European countries that surround it, make damn good beer. I was expecting more." -- SHUK on Paulaner Brauhaus (Xintiandi)

"I'm sorry but i really cannot understand why people queue up so long for such ice cream. The icecream is mediocre at best. ...Now, is true as well that there are no decent ice cream in the whole China, but that is another thing." -- enteromorfa on WIYF

"I live in Manhattan and travel often for work. The Commune Social is without a doubt my favorite restaurant to visit. The staff is awesome, music is perfect, and the drinks are on another level. All that being said, the most amazing aspect of this restaurant is the food. I can't explain how much of a pleasure it is to eat here, a true culinary experience every time." -- johnl986 on The Commune Social


Alright the Sherpa's cash goes to TSkillet, for imploring their wisdom about crabs. Unfortunately, Sherpa's does not deliver crabs from Under Bridge, but you can use the 500rmb for something else. Remember, we do this almost every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about it.



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  • 5 years ago TSkillet

    @Enteromorfa - I feel that way about WIYF's flavors . . . except for the sea salt caramel which is extraordinarily tasty.

    Also, I find Gracie's to be quite good.

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