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Kathleen's Waitan Opening Soon at Cool Docks, Kafer's Relocating, and F&B News

By Jun 8, 2018 Dining

The new Kathleen's Waitan will be reopening a bit further south of its original location, near the Cool Docks. From what they've told us, it remains a rooftop location, longer than it is wide, with plenty of al fresco seating facing Pudong. What's old is new! Soft opening is officially June 18.

Meanwhile, Kafer over on the Pudong side has closed and given up that building. They'll be relocating to a new water-front location on the West Bund, in the same building as a new Paulaner, and a new Dian Shui Lou location. So that's 3 new restaurants in one. Constructions still ongoing, and they tell us to expect it sometime this fall. Hah.

For the longest time, Project Wine's barren storefront was covered by a hoarding that read "your new favorite Whisky bar in town." Lofty ambitions. Turns out it's not Ten-Forward or the Mos Eisley Cantina, it's something called Project W. Reportedly it's from the same concerns, but the decor is a bit different and they're focusing on whiskey/whisky. Here's what it looks like.




Roosevelt Prime Steakhouse has moved from it's original Taiyuan Lu location to the main building of the InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin. 200 seats in public, private and outdoor varieties, it's still doing what it does best; expensive, super high-end steaks and sides.

We've finally got an opening date for Stone Brewing; July 26. That's soon! And Boxing Cat Brewery (Yongfu Lu) will (most likely) be reopening around the same time.


In other news, did you hear Jenny Gao (of Fly By Jing fame) launched a kickstarter for her Sichuan Chili Crisp sauce? She did! It blew past its 35,000 dollar asking donation, sitting pretty at like 56,000 dollars, 794 backers and 26 days to go. Pledge 10 bucks and you get a 30-page Jingtheory Guide to Chengdu. Pledge 5,000 and she'll either custom-make 300 bottles to "add a personal touch to your holiday corporate gift basket," or take you on a 7-day guided culinary adventure in China. Neat-o.


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