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Margaritas and Fajitas: Suburban American Chain Chili's® Opens In Pudong Next Week

Jun 21, 2019 | 10:00 Fri
What is it about American suburban dining chains and Pudong? The Cheesecake Factory, Hooters, Red Lobster and now this: Chili's® (don't forget the ®) is opening behind Super Brand Mall on June 25. Information is scant and comes from their own WeChat, where they inform us the Chili's® Corporation (listed on the New York Stock Exchange, of course) serves more than a million people per day in 32 countries and sells 135,000 gallons of margaritas every year. How many margaritas are in a gallon? More than you can drink. Naturally, those go well with their signature fajitas, which come on a sizzling cast-iron platter billowing smoke through the dining room and were the coolest thing one could possibly eat in America when you were eight years old. Anyway, for a real slice of corporate dining culture, and sweet, strong drinks, Chili's® will now be only a quick swim across the Huangpu away. See exactly where right here.


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