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Mexican Madness at Windows Scoreboard

By Mar 22, 2016 Dining
April 24, 2016 Update: Windows may occasionally end this deal early on Wednesdays, so be sure to call ahead before you attend.

Last Wednesday night, international students, groups of friends, people in their 20s, people under their 20s, girlfriends, guyfriends, workfriends, and at least one group of pasty old white dudes clogged the sticky wooden benches of Windows Scoreboard.

“That’s the thing, no one knows!” exclaimed one guy at a gender equal table. He had just revealed that AIG -- American International Group, the multinational insurance corporation -- was originally founded in Shanghai. This is an exciting sort of thing in some circles. Nearby, a group of youngsters drank heavily. At another table, two well-dressed girls were painstakingly unraveling their lives to each other -- gossip, boys, work.

Windows Scoreboard isn’t typically so busy on weekdays, but on Wednesdays they have “Mexican Madness” -- four hours of all-you-can-eat Mexican food starting at 5pm.

For 50rmb.

50rmb all-you-can-eat Mexican food.

If that's not enough for you, the deal also comes with a complimentary margarita that, incidentally, tastes more like pineapple juice with a hint of isopropanol.

There are two rules to Mexican Madness: 1) You can only order one plate at a time; 2) You must finish that plate before you order another. Fair enough. That seems reasonable. Options on the menu include beef and chicken quesadillas, tacos, and nachos. Portions are not overwhelming. If you’re hungry, you’ll probably be able to get through three or four orders of each.

There's also a 25rmb buy-one-get-one deal on draft Budweiser. Windows is a real generous enterprise. They're giving and giving and giving here. It must be said, though, the Budweiser doesn't taste like Budweiser, you might get into a small spat with your server about the bill because they can't do proper addition, and they only take cash. But hey, it's Windows. It's Windows.

You've probably had their quesadillas, tacos, or nachos before. They're basically what you expect -- not exactly haute cuisine, but not exactly directly painful to chew and swallow either. They're fine. To get a limitless amount of this for 50rmb, you'll get your money's worth.


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  • Not True! Unverified User

    Complete BS! We went there and they said this offer was only valid for the first 50 people! Everybody else gets "Buy One Get One Free" Mexican dishes, oh and instead of normal priced BOGO, you have to pay 50 RMB (up from their standard 35 RMB per dish). So it's more like, buy one, get the second item half-off.

    Not like it's breaking the bank, but jeeze SMSH, do your research if you're going to send people to a deal, this is blatantly wrong.

  • Ian L

    @ "Not True!" – Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Three weeks ago, four people from our team – including myself - went to go check out this deal. There were definitely more than 50 people in the spot, and no staff mentioned any kind of 50 person limit. Furthermore, the flyer in the event listing does not mention any kind of limit.

    We're sorry this happened, but we certainly did our due diligence on this one, as we would for any Deals: Tested. Here's the thing: venues change their promotions frequently, and often without warning. I just gave the venue a call and indeed, they are now doing this for the first 50 people only, with a buy-one-get-one after that.

    We strive to have the most comprehensive listings in Shanghai, but with hundreds of venues and deals, and marketing people who change jobs faster than the weather, it's advisable to call ahead.

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