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More Than Eat Slowly (re)Opens, CH2 by Whisk is Gone, And A Bunch of Anniversaries Incoming

Mar 2, 2018 | 17:34 Fri
A Bunch of F&Bs: The weekly dose of what's new and hot in Shanghai's F&B scene.

Now Open

Supremely popular Singaporean dim sum spot Crystal Jade has opened up a new spot called Crystal Jade Express which is serving a similar menu just at a faster pace.

More Than Eat is gradually reopening though May. Apart from new windows that make the space feel less like a bomb shelter, they've currently got Craft Dog/My Poultry open in there, as is Lizzie's All Natural.

Blue Moon is reportedly in soft open, slinging beer with a wedge of orange in it.

Cake Home from the Coffee In people has opened up on Shaanxi Bei Lu, serving slices of cake in the 30-40rmb range and breads around 40rmb. Their Three Chocolate Cake could send people who think sugar is the devil into hysterics. Incidentally, they serve their coffee hotter than hell, which it'd be nice if they maybe didn't. But yes, new dessert place, good news, especially since...

Casualty List

CH2 by Whisk closed down at the end of January. They just posted up a sign in the door saying "Shut Down." Ouch. Don't worry, there are alternatives for your dessert fix.

CH2 by Whisk

The Word Around Town

That More Than Eat opening is also set to include a place called Uniman which looks to serve fancy dumplings. I'm greatly in favor of dumplings, and the fancification thereof. One of them reportedly has a lemongrass filling.

The Happenings

Menus, Parties, Anniversaries

Arkham's celebrating a kind of staggering five years as a platform for the hot new shit on Shanghai's music scene. They're throwing a party with a couple of familiar faces tomorrow night.


Joe's Pizza is holding its first anniversary in Shanghai, and they've invited the grandson of the original Joe, Sal Vitale down to celebrate. He'll be at the store all weekend, and they're doing lucky draws, prizes and gifts through until Sunday.


Found 158's temples to tequila and cod, respectively El Santo and Hooked are holding joint parties next Friday to celebrate one year in Laowai Park.

Shanghai's least-obnoxious speakeasy Second Moment's one year anniversary is coming up on March 8.

And, here's another one that'll be joining this over-long list next year (if it makes it that long); Club 3 1/3 is holding its grand opening party next week as well.

Check back next week for more unsubstantiated, irresponsible F&B gossip.


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