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BurgerQuest: Must Grill's Tuesday Buy-One-Get-One

By Feb 2, 2016 Dining
Every time we publish a burger deals wire, like we did last Monday, someone jumps in the comments section like "hey why didn't you include so-and-so's place" For example:

"I am surprised to not see Must Grill burgers which amply deserve to be referenced."

Their burgers did sound dank, with toppings like foie gras, fried goat cheese, pulled pork, and chili peppers, ranging from 98-118rmb with a side of fries. So we went to check out their Tuesday buy-one-get-one free deal.

Last Tuesday, the restaurant was packed with a mostly-French crowd of people on dates or with friends or coworkers. The former wine bar (Must Wine) has dark wood interiors and a glassed-in patio area with heat lamps but still feels casual, like you could walk in wearing sneakers. Definitely not a sports bar.

They used to ask customers how they'd like their meat cooked, but people kept sending their burgers back when they came out cooked as requested, so they come out medium by default. No matter. These burgers were given just a bit more love than at other burger joints in town: bigger patties; house-made buns; well-portioned sides. You know how if you go to Bistro Burger and get a side salad, it's good, but it's like, a garnish? This is a proper salad.

Service at burger-deal spots can vary wildly, from "abrasive" (Malone's, R.I.P) to "really not bad" (Bistro, Southern Belle). At Must, the manager came around to most of the tables and asked about the meal twice.

To drown all that beef, Vedett (the only beer on draft, regrettably) starts at 38rmb, as does wine by the glass, but quite a few people were buying bottles. And appetizers. Most people seemed to be there not to save some money on a Tuesday night, but rather to just have a decent meal. We ended up paying 170rmb for a burger and a beer each, so not the cheapest deal but high ranking in the quality department. Maybe not worth traveling from say, Pudong, but certainly good enough to warrant a trip from Xuhui to Jing'an.

And as far as French burger spots go, definitely better than Xinle.


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