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Popping-Up: Post-Pirata, Ling Huang Does Latin Sandwiches at Egg on Fri & Sat

Aug 12, 2016 | 15:42 Fri
After her much-loved tapas restaurant Pirata had to close a few months ago to preserve the harmony of the Xinle Lu neighborhood, boss Ling Huang went to Miami to find some proper Cuban food and inspiration for her next project. The former el Willy and Elefante chef hit up 28 restaurants in four days. Now, for the next two nights, she's on Xiangyang Lu at Egg (which is, luckily, in Jing'an) with the tropical fruits of that labor: a pop-up with three sandwiches, colorful drinks reminiscent of daytime drinking in Miami, and Mexican morning talk radio on the stereo.

Sandwiches! So hot right now!

(Wait, when were sandwiches not cool?)


On Thursday night by 10pm, the Cubano was sold out, leaving only the wet-style Torta, a Cuban burger, and some croquettes. The torta is a brick of pork and avocado, paired with plastic gloves to handle all the spicy sauce. Most of the cocktails were gone too, including one made with rare plantains that can only be sourced from one Colombian woman somewhere in Guangzhou. Will Latin Woo turn into a full restaurant? Maybe, maybe not. Will Pirata ever return? Again -- perhaps, but finding a location downtown is tough these days, and Huang isn't up for moving into a shopping mall. Pirata was a neighborhood place. The only certainty is the sandwich and cocktail menu for these next two nights -- worth checking out.


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