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Restaurant Review Of The Week & 500rmb Sherpa's Winner

Nov 30, 2015 | 16:25 Mon
Like we always do about this time, we're giving away money. Yes, that's right. If you ate somewhere, tell us about it for a chance at some of that cash. Make it rain, make it rain.

Jocarver has feelings about Market 101 by Goga. "I read that they are amazing, they are not. And the prices are quite high for mere sandwiches. It's similar prices to restaurants, but without the restaurant atmosphere."

sharpieincluded ate at Lotus Eatery twice and wrote about it. Loved the food, only complaint was that the spot was a bit loud for their liking. "Basically, if you aren't frequenting Lotus Eatery you're doing it wrong."

businessinchina got the sofa for our new bar reviews feature. He checked out Barber Shop and concluded that, "It might just be growing pains, but at the price point you really expect perfection. Barber Shop has quite a long way before it hits that mark." Contrastingly, he had really high praise for Union Trading Company.

Japanese-Belgian hot dogs in the Jing'an Temple metro station -- that's what frequent contributor DCSH is talking about this week. "Overall, service was pretty bad, but hot dogs were OK. Worth checking out if you enjoy hot dogs and happen to be in the area."

Long-time Shanghai resident casperXX weighed in on East Eatery, the new spot by Steffan Stiller in Tianzifang, concluding that the place is "An Interesting but underwhelming experience."

Shout out to Seth Harvey, who penned reviews on Tentekomai ("Just don't read this, go there, and ruin it for the rest of us. This isn't the hip new scene, it's closer to a dive than a destination, which makes it ever so more charming and seductive."), Spread The Bagel ("I gave this place 5 stars, because it is everything it is supposed to be."), and Urban Thai 2.

Finally, octave_living says Gokohai, that cheap shabu-shabu spot by Shanghai Library, is "Way Under Appreciated". I'd agree on that.

Our winner this week is businessinchina. Not only did they provide pages of constructive criticism, they stepped up and reviewed not one but FOUR bars. Well done.


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