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Restaurant Review Of The Week & 500rmb Sherpa's Winner

By Dec 7, 2015 Dining
...Who's keeping it real?

...Who's headed for the closed venue list?

...And who's being compared to Wendy's?

Enquiring minds want to know. Much love out to everyone who wrote a review last week.

thewarmus went to Char, probably for some steak, but Char was like, "sorry! private party -- we're closed." But Char could tell thewarmus was hungry, so the the manager brought out "that highend nut mix snack thing and a couple bags of good potato chips… that's great service. So that guy deserves a shout-out." Shout out indeed.

Warmus also said Xibo is "just really excellent." "Top it off with RMB38 draft Vedetts and a respectable attempt at atmosphere and you've got a winner that should be a regular in the Chinese food circuit."

AussieChic digs the Mortini Nights at Morton's IAPM. "They were throwing so many steak sandwiches our way, at some point we stopped eating the bread and just ate steak (tip from our awesome waiter)." Pro tip indeed.

Last week's winner businessinchina dropped a bunch of knowledge as usual. He's feeling Sichuan Citizen: "It’s not an explosion of designer food, it will never top the charts of a Zagat survey, but you will find everything on their menu is tasty and satisfying." Also says "the mighty have fallen" at New York Style Steak and Burger, and recommends Constellation 2: "an overall attention to detail that seems lost in some corners of Shanghai."

According to funkatudinal, "The El' is way under-rated." Talking about El Bodegon here.
"Owners all on hand and making sure everything is right. Go check it out - a great night."

And finally, madscientist is digging the burgers at Charlie's. "It reminds me of a Wendy's back in the day- nice dining room, but never a place for serious romance."

Wouldn't count Wendy's out for romance just yet…

And the winner is... AussieChic. Check your email. Congrats.



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