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Shanghai, These Are Your Michelin-Starred Restaurants

By Sep 21, 2016 Dining
Lots of face-meltingly bright red pomp and circumstance at the Michelin Guide awards ceremony, replete with robust and invigorating Price Is Right-style music as the chefs of Shanghai clambered onto the stage to accept their one, two, and three-star anointments from the world's most respected restaurant guidebook.


The Michelin Man has come to Shanghai and with one sweeping arc of his arm he has blesses the following restaurants:

(SPOILER: Perry's didn't make the cut. Travesty!)

One-Star Michelin Restaurants

Sir Ellys

Da Dong (IAPM)

Da Dong (Park Palace)

Madam Goose (Xinzhuang)


Fu He Hui

Seventh Son (Kerry Center)

Jin Xuan

Kanpai Classic

Lao Zheng Xing

Lei Garden (IFC)

Lei Garden (IAPM)


La Patio & La Famille

Jade Mansion

Tai’an Table

Xin Rong Ji (Shanghai Plaza)

Yong Yi Ting

Two-Star Michelin Restaurants

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana

L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Canton 8


Yi Long Court

Yongfoo Elite

Imperial Treasure

Shanghai's Only Three-Star Michelin Restaurant

***Drum roll***

T’ang Court

(Oh! Of course! Eat there all the time!)


Pre-sales of the Shanghai Michelin Guide are going for 168rmb right here.



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  • 4 years ago jacobflowers7

    A bit of a surprising, and somewhat disappointing list. Why were so many chains awarded, and there is such a heavy leaning on Cantonese which isn't even a local engineering.

    Many surprising omissions:
    Mr. & Mrs. Bund
    Chinoise Story
    Hai by Goga
    Commune Social/Table No. 1

    List goes on. Imperial Treasure, two Michelin stars...... am I missing something... ? Perhaps they meant Family Li Imperial ...

  • 4 years ago bprichard

    If Da Dong is getting Michelin stars, they are clearly without any value.

  • 4 years ago handoogies

    Aside from an apparent disconnect from the Shanghai local dining scene (reviewers seemed to only visit the most expensive venues), the guide has sniffings of political bias. Jean Georges is one of only 6 three star restaurants in NYC, yet of his 3 venues in SH, none get a star?

    The only people this antiquated guide serves in a fast moving internet era are tourists, and nongs with more money than sense.

  • 4 years ago jginsh

    Imperial Treasure is a really good restaurant, but 2 stars???? The service and consistency of food is a long way away from the standards set by other two star venues in HK, NYC, London, etc. (also, just a note the service and food that I have gotten at both of Seventh Son's location is by far the best I've had in Chinese restaurant in Shanghai, comprable to Imperial Treasure when they first opened). "Canton" the Chinese restaurant at the Grand Hyatt?? Really?? Went there for a weekend lunch (work) last March and thought it was dead average. A really long way away from Michelin standard.

    3 Stars for T'ang Court?? Huh? It's a really nice restaurant, but worthy of a special journey, I think not.

    Seems like the Michelin Man's stars are as inconsistent as the food at most of these restaurants.

  • 4 years ago swisscook2001

    Hi jginsh,

    Canton 8 got the stars. Not the Canton restaurant at Grand Hyatt. In a earlier article this was wrongly printed - I think. Canton 8 is actually not that bad. But not sure about 2 stars. Some very interesting choices on that list if I may say so.

  • 4 years ago jakefloursate Unverified User

    and a collective butt ache was felt by many losers in this field. Shoulda, coulda woulda : )

    No stars for you ~

  • 4 years ago Orchard1 Unverified User

    Can anyone tell me the address of Canton 8? I can't find it in the directory.

  • 4 years ago TSkillet

    Yongfoo Elite? Is this 2007? Ultraviolet should be 3 stars. L'Atelier is pretty good, but is not to the standard of the Macau/HK/Vegas ones (at least not yet).

    So much Canto, and I'm usually of the opinion that the Cantonese food in this town is usually a big disappointment.

  • 4 years ago morgan

    @ Orchard.

    Sorry about the mix up. I thought they were talking about Canton, but there's another place called "Canton 8" that is actually the one they've deemed worthy of the esteemed two-star honor.

    457 Jumen Road, Huangpu, Shanghai

    This is the location. We're updating the SmSh directory now. Sorry again...

  • 4 years ago napreston

    I ate last night at L'Atelier and was surprised that this is listed as a Michelin 2 Star, either the standards for China are lowered or I went on a bad night. Don't get me wrong, the food was excellent despite my asparagus being too cold due to the AC or sitting on the pass too long but the service was not. I poured my own wine, the food was introduced when my sister in law had none infront of her, the window was so dirty you struggled to see out of one panel (I have a picture) and the seating was not conducive to fine dining. I travel extensively and eat in quality Michelin restaurants from time to time and can honestly say this would not get a star in Europe. No doubt my comments will draw criticism about being snobby but Michelin always gave an honest guide and standard and I wonder if Michelin have just come to China to cash in on the Asian boom or are they seriously providing a service based on international standards to customers?

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