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The Shed's Wednesday 2rmb Wings

By May 4, 2016 Dining
On Wednesday nights, Australian pub The Shed on Shanxi Bei Lu is packed like the Expo. You can barely find two seats at the bar. You can barely hear the geezer rock coming through the speakers. Platters of meat are being waved about. People are raising pints through the air. Filling the seats are students, suits, and everything in between, and they all have barbecue sauce on their faces. There's something pleasantly egalitarian about that.

The inspiration for the madness: 2rmb wings.


Actually, there aren't any wings -- only some well-seasoned drumsticks, for 2rmb a piece. There's no choice in flavor, but they come served with a bottle of Heinz barbecue sauce that you may have to share with the table next to you. No complaints. On an empty stomach, a 170-pound man can crush about two dozen of these before needing a break.

To wash that down, they offer draft Carlsberg, Kronenbourg 1664, Kilkenny, Guinness, Strongbow, Magner's Cider, Brewdog IPA, Kentucky IPA, and an even longer list of bottled beer and wine. The pricing seems a little bizarre though. The smaller 300ml glasses are better deals that the 500ml glasses, if you do the math. Seems strange for a pub to offer a better deal on less volume.

But hey, maybe they're just encouraging responsible drinking. Maybe they don't even know, or care. Regardless, The Shed might be the best place on a Wednesday to consume massive amounts of protein on the cheap. The Shanghai lifers clientele are on to something here.

Apparently, it's an alright place to take your child as well, according to Deadbeat Dad...


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