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The Confusing Saga of The "Mickey Mouses" and the Two-Pizzas-For-100rmb Deals

Aug 22, 2016 | 16:29 Mon
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"Topolino" means Mickey Mouse in Italian, and Shanghai has at least three -- possibly more -- pizza shops with some form of "Topolino" in their name. There is "Pizza Topolino", "Topolino by Pizza Street" (Pizza Street itself is another pizza chain here…), and "TOPOExpress", which has a mouse for a mascot. If you ask around about their relationships, you'll get vastly different answers. And if you ask an Italian if there are any Topolinos in their home town, they may smile and say "No... that iz a Mickey Mouse, and also a car."

Anyway. So...

The Deal: Topolino by Pizza Street on Yongkang does two thin-crust 12" pizzas for 100rmb on Monday nights, and the Pizza Street on Ao'men has the same deal on Tuesdays.

Mondays at Topolino by Pizza Street**, on Yongkang

The good: The pizzas came through in 45 minutes with a 6rmb delivery fee, with a decent amount of toppings and a solid crust. It's decent but not great pizza. Not greasy or stodgy, and enough for two-three people. Some pizzas I had from there last week for 88rmb each seemed like they had a bit more butter in the crust.

The bu hao: To get the deal, you have to order on their WeChat platform (ID: Pizza-delivery-sh), which is baffling. You cannot get the deal with a phone call alone, so I just selected two pizzas on the WeChat then called and said I wanted the deal. Make sure to confirm that.

**Long story short, the YKL Topolino, which is part of the Camel Group, brought in Pizza Street to consult, hence the name. Their menus are similar, but Pizza Street -- which, coincidentally, is just down the street from TOPOExpress -- has more pizzas and a bit different style.

Tuesdays at Pizza Street on Ao'men Lu

The good: You can actually just order on the phone here and they're really nice. No need to mess with WeChat. They even delivered way out of their zone for an extra 10rmb.

The bu hao: Pizzas weren't as good as the ones from YKL, especially the vegetarian pizza, which has a tomato sauce instead of a ricotta sauce like on YKL. Kinda floppy, and greasier. Also, delivery fee here is 20rmb (+10rmb for distance).

The Verdict

The 100rmb for two deal is solid. Probably wouldn't pay full price for these pizzas again though, and would just rock Domino's thin crust, which has lower quality ingredients but somehow satisfies more.

As for other pizza deals on now, Gemma does buy-one-get-one pizzas on Monday nights, and UVA has 50rmb pizzas daily from 6-9pm until the end of the month.


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