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Dozo's Got Two Glasses of Sparkling Wine and 10 Oysters for 100rmb on Tuesdays

Feb 13, 2017 | 17:39 Mon
Deals Tested: We kick the tires on various food, drink or miscellaneous deals so you don't have to.
Dozo, the aesthetically pleasing izakaya on Nanjing Xi Lu in Jing'an, is an interesting place. It looks like M1NT's Japanese brother, but it's not a club, although it certainly has the space for it. The upscale decor makes you expect some hefty $$$ signs on the menu, but it's not bad. There is, however, a lot on the menu, probably too much, and it's not exactly clear what you'd come here for. But they do have some nice deals, especially on Tuesdays.

The Deals: Wednesday-Monday from 5.30pm, get 10 Irish Harty oysters for 100rmb . On Tuesdays, get that, plus two glasses of sparkling wine for the same price.

The oysters come on a platter of ice with two half-filled glasses of Chinese-produced Chandon sparkling wine. The oysters are from Harty, an oyster producer based in Ireland. They're served with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, and wasabi mixed with soy sauce.

These aren't exactly quality oysters. Although there is a nice sweet aftertaste to them, it's mostly drowned out by overly salty liquor. You're probably going to want to slather them up with the sauces if you partake in the deal. But what do you expect for 100rmb?

If you're a novice oyster eater, Dozo's deal is alright, and it's quite a bit better if you can arrive between 5.30-8.30pm when they've got buy-one-get-one-free on draft beer and select flasks of sake (that's available daily).


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