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"What I hated were the Porsche owning customers treating the street ayis like dirt" And The 500rmb Sherpa's Winner

By Feb 15, 2016 Dining
Man. On. Fire. User "No ratio Nelson" is the Drake (or maybe the Young Thug?) of our user reviews section at this point. Dude continued his stream of heady, surreal adventures in Shanghai dining over CNY, and dropped no less than three classic reviews. We received some fine words from other readers too -- much love to everyone who wrote in. Read on for some memorable quotes and see who won that 500rmb in Sherpa's money we give away most Mondays.


"And then it happened. One of those OIC moments. Like when I witnessed the head of an investment bank bite into a wax apple from a bowl of wax apples, scented with apple scent, next to the bowl of real apples in a hotel in Beijing. Or when I had my scooter impounded with 2,000 other scooters and a white Bentley, and I asked the impound truck driver to give me a lift home and he pointed to the number on the side his truck, which when I rang, he walked the 10 yards to his cabin and picked up the phone and answered. One of those." -- No ratio Nelson on Tandoor


"I wanted to write this purely on account of the foreign manager, whose effort to look after us made what would have been a serviceable occasion into something a lot better, and for that (and the food) they deserve to do well." - No ratio Nelson on El Pomposo


"The team behind this place have obviously put some thought into what they're trying to do. The fitout is (just) the suburban side of funky, they have a tiny bar at the front where, if you want (and I did) you can have a Spanish Bud (sorry, Estrella Damm), once in, proper sized tables, chairs designed for people taller than Yoda's shorter, arthritic cousin (I hate having to do the "sleeping lion on a cheesegrater" position when I eat), proper lighting and a short, easily navigable menu of tapas and bigger dishes."


How about a dim sum place, eh?

"I would rather have my hands strapped to the steering wheel of a 1989 de Ville on Mexican landfill and watch Denzel chop my fingers off in slo mo than ever come here again." -- No ratio Nelson on Xin Dau Ji


Of course, he wasn't the only one who wrote in…

"El Bodegon is a stellar example of a restaurant that's doing a lot of the right things, and affordably so." -- dteeban on [clearly] El Bodegon


"We try lobster, clams, oysters and burger and everything was great." -- tallish on Bull & Claw


"Had a great Christmas night here. Came to Shanghai at that time for a business trip just during Christmas, and considering I didn't know anyone in Shanghai, I decided to go for a drink to Windows Too, as it was closely located. Eventually, I met a whole lot of people and really enjoyed myself there." -- Alkrasnov on Windows Too


This week's winner is clearly No ratio Nelson. Well done. K.O.

Remember -- we do this every week. If you ate or drank somewhere, tell us about your experience and you could win 500rmb in Sherpa's delivery.



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  • zmann999

    Alkrasnov killed it. You should be giving him 1,000RMB Sherpa's gift certificate just to entice him to come back to Shanghai for more hard hitting reviews. I can't wait to hear his take on the Perry's omelet.

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