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Live Charity Concert This Weekend, And We Can Even Tell You Where Now!

May 26, 2020 | 15:17 Tue
Two weeks ago, we told you that there was live music, but couldn't quite tell you where. Things are getting better! Here comes more live music, eeking its way back in to the good graces of the powers that be. After dipping its toes to test the waters earlier this month, LOFAS continues the programming by hosting a charity concert this weekend called Acts of Kindness. Bone, CARBON, FHC, Round Eye, Mii and The Flood presiding. It's live music, but for charity, so that makes it okay!

The 69rmb tickets are door sales only, and sales will be donated to a charity that supports the children of migrant workers in Shanghai (more info available at the venue if you're curious). Tickets also get you entered into a raffle draw which has over 6,000rmb in prizes. Though we all know the true prize is the sweet, sweet music.

Doors open at 7pm, first artist performing at 8.10pm.


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