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Something About Cloud Nothings, French Sadsacks Alcest, Local Rock and More

Apr 11, 2017 | 11:33 Tue
Do you smell that? Do ya smell it? That's the rock cooking on the streets in Shanghai. I'm talking post rock, electro-rock, punk rock, noise rock, shit rock, and just about every style of rock 'n' roll you can shake a dick at. Check out tunes from acts Cloud Nothings, Alcest, Lao Ayi, Majik, and more.



Reunited and it feels so good. Feels so dirty. The second edition of Single Dogs Unite is upon us this Thursday at Yuyintang. That which started out as a singles day holiday pun, has now blossomed into a beautiful regular night series. Topping off the bill are shit punk outfit Dirty Fingers whose drummer is moving to Beijing for bigger and better things. Apparently, the concerns behind the famous D22 and XP live houses are throwing their hats back into the venue management game, and recruited Shanghai's favorite Brazilian waxman to run the new place. Probably not allowed to say that! Whoops!

I digress!

So, then on Thursday you have the lovely angst of our favorite riot grrrl band Ugly Girls. Finally, the rejoiced return of Lao Ayi whose all girl cast are spread out through other bands in Shanghai. 40rmb at the door and 20rmb for students. Not to mention that 20rmb also works if you are a English First student or teacher. Good to have friends in the Best places.

Jason Wayne Need - "The Curse"

Across town in Jing'An county, another solid underground show is brewing. This time in the form of Noishanghai LXXI at Chair Club. Yes this is the 81st installment of the experimental music and performance showcase. As my mom would say, "That's a whole lottta noise." Headlining this week is American bass player Jason Wayne Need. Hailing from Chicago, Need is known for playing a heavy deep style of bass that includes genres like jazz, dub, grind, and ambient soundscapes. He is also known to play a unique style of upright bass. Also on the bill is local bassist Rin whose own unique style can be seen in various rock and experimental bands across town. Finally you have Noishanghai founders Torturing Nurse. I'd like to show you their Douban page except The Man up north closed that down last year. Technical reasons. Must be. This show is free and starts at 9pm.


Alcest - "Kodama"

Huge night for metal heads and indie darlings together with the Shanghai return French sadfaces Alcest. Man you just can't stop that New Noise. I even hear they have The Notwist coming next month. Alcest started out as a black / ambient metal band before they broke out with their fourth album titled Shelter which featured vocals from Slowdive's Neil Halstead. This band has a little something for everything. Some even credit the band for starting the genre which is known as "BlackGaze". OoOoOOooOoo. The band is touring in support of their album titled Kodama which came out late last year. The latest album takes influences from Hayao Miyazaki's anime film "Princess Mononoke" and deals with themes of living in between worlds, be it city and nature or the physical and spiritual one. Heavy stuff kids. Sounds emo. The show is 150rmb on the door or if you are Taobao savvy you can buy 120RMB pre-sale here.

Majik - "It's Alright"

Popular British electro duo band Majik are bringing their hipster sound to Yuyintang (also on Friday). These two twenty-something-year-old young bucks are breaking hearts from Lancashire all the way to North Yorkshire. With heartthrob Jamie on guitars and sensitive soul Marcus on the vocals, only love could follow. If you are a fan of hot boys who like Jamie XX then this is the show for you. Get your Brit fix for 60rmb at the door. Not too shabby.


Cloud Nothings - Internal World

Straight out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA is the acne faced rock outfit Cloud Nothings. The project originally started as a one man show from Dylan Baldi who is the classic nerd musician. Taking influences from hardcore to post-punk to improvisational free jazz, Baldi has developed Cloud Nothings into a well oiled full band with all the trimmings. A real musicians musician, that guy. Lao Ayi is back on the Yuyintang stage to support this show which should be a banger. Prepaid tickets are going for 120rmb here, otherwise you're looking at 150rmb on the door.

Gonna be a good one kids.


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